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Privacy Legislation Impacts Talent-Management Programs, Too! Attention Talent Managers: Keeping your organization’s bench strength private shouldn’t be your only privacy concern With Alberta slowly recovering from the recent global recession, many organizations are once again focused on developing and retaining top talent to achieve organizational goals and growth strategies. Senior executives are looking to talent managers to deliver top quality performance and succession management processes to assess, identify and nurture a Company’s nextgeneration leader. Most talent managers don’t immediately make the connection between privacy legislation impacts and the design and structure of talent management programs, but it does. If you’re like me, the first few things that come to mind when you think about Privacy legislation (as it relates to HR) are security of SIN numbers, employee files and banking/payroll data. However, Alberta’s Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) impacts the talent management arena just as much as other more traditional HR functions. Let’s examine elements of two common talent management programs present in many organizations today: Privacy & Performance Management Many performance management processes practiced in organizations today include some form of alignment meetings. Alignment meetings, also referred to as normalization meetings, are HR facilitated group discussions with managers from different units to discuss employee performance. Alignment meetings are designed to: • Ensure consistent application of performance ratings • Ensure appropriate distribution of performance ratings • Ensure quality of performance appraisals are aligned with standards • Provide leaders an opportunity to discuss organizational talent • Allow leaders an opportunity to “dry run” sensitive performance appraisals NETWORK Winter 2009

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Network - Winter 2010
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Privacy Legislation Impacts Talent-Management Programs, Too!
Breaching Privacy More Than a Legal Concern
Drug and Alcohol Testing: A Divided Nation?
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Network - Winter 2010