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The HR Office “Hello... hello… tinkle, tinkle, tinkle” St. John Ambulance First Aid & CPR training Busily working around the office, and while filling in at the front desk, our Administrator thought that he had handily transferred another call with the cordless phone. However, after pressing the appropriate extension numbers and the ‘join’ button, he decided that he needed to visit the washroom. After taking care of the first matter and washing his hands, shockingly he discovered that the call was not transferred and the caller remained on the line! In a panic, he hung up the phone. A few seconds later the phone rang, and the client said, “I’m not sure where you transferred me, but all I heard was running water!” Quirky Candidate A number of years ago, a colleague and I were interviewing a candidate for a managerial position. While I do not recall precisely the answers the job seeker provided to the questions we asked, his answers were unintentionally comedic. I distinctly recall biting my lip and feeling a compulsive need to laugh harder than I had ever laughed before. His answers were obscure to say the least. Just when I didn’t think the interview could get any worse, the candidate asked when he could reasonably expect to hear our decision. I let him know that we hoped to make a decision within a week. The candidate indicated that he had no more questions, thanked us for considering him for the opportunity, and rose to his feet. As we walked him to the door, he paused and advised us not to be concerned if we heard something about killing cats on his answering machine. Apparently, it was some sort of joke that neither of us was curious enough to ask about. 1.800.665.7114 Download course schedules from Already trained? NETWORK O Winter 2010 450528_Stjohn.indd 1 O 33 PM 10/13/09 12:14:59

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Network - Winter 2010
HRIA President’s Message
HRIA Board of Directors
The Legalities of Mandatory Retirement
Unwanted Early Retirement
Baby Boom or Bust Strategies for Dealing With a Rapidly Aging Workforce
Retirement: Private Savings Plan Contributions Decreasing
Baby Boomer Steps
Retirement Is About More Than Just Money
What‘s Happening Here? HR’s Evolving Role in Dealing With Different Generations
Retirees Need a Game Plan
The HR Office
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Network - Winter 2010