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O Association News HRIA President’s Message A nother year is coming to a close and what a phenomenal year it has been! Collaboration I am amazed at the progress we have made over the past several months. I am pleased that 94% of HRAC members voted in favour of collaboration with HRIA. HRIA welcomes all HRAC members, and will work with HRAC in joining all other participating regional associations (PRHRMA, WBHRMA, HRMAE, CAHRMA, HRMAL) in the collaboration model in the New Year. With all regional associations supporting this initiative, we can continue to strengthen and promote the human resources profession in Alberta. Thank you to everyone who worked tirelessly over the years to make this a reality. I look forward to working with you as we embark on an exciting new journey. 2010 World Human Resources Congress The 13th Annual World HR Congress—held in Canada for the first time and hosted in Montreal in September—delivered on its promise to lead HR professionals beyond borders. Renowned experts from 20 countries gathered to share best practices and challenges, build networks and learn from each other. During the “Heads of Nations” dinner, I had the opportunity to discuss global issues with tablemates from Austria, Cairo, Paris, Mumbai and Washington, DC. We all face similar complex challenges: the economy’s impact on business and human resource strategy; advances in technology and how NETWORK O Winter 2010 we connect; and how we support large geographical regions. Here are some key messages from presenters: • HR needs to speak the language of business and be more strategic, working with the Executive to support the business strategy. Have a vision, become a change innovator, be technologically savvy, and a customer expert. • Foster citizen-based organizations. It’s important to humanize leaders and organizations by creating connections and strengthening organizational frameworks. • Build community. Link creative thinking to innovative thinking; provide an environment where managers can reflect, discuss real issues, collaborate and generate actions. • New technology (Facebook, Twitter, blogging, etc.) may appear to be beneficial, but some caution that the impact of on-demand communication is leading to mental and physical health issues. • Social networks can be used to attract young people during recruitment initiatives. • Consider engaging in life-long learning and collaborative programs that result in improved performance. • Survival after the crisis—rethinking how organizations are run. Sustainability, capacity and resilience require engagement and ownership for change to be integrated within organizations. • Reconnect with customers— rethinking and remodelling the customer satisfaction model. This captivating event allowed human resource professionals to discuss issues, gain insight into global trends, network with international colleagues, build on skills, and exchange experiences. Watch for local presentations or articles in the E-Source newsletter from HRIA delegates who attended the Congress. Thank You With 2010 coming to a close, I would like to express my appreciation to the many people who make this organization a success, including the HRIA Board, staff and volunteers, partners and advertisers and, most importantly, our members. Your dedication and enthusiasm contribute to the success of many HRIA initiatives. To help you gear up for 2011 the Editorial Committee is delivering a topical theme, “HR & Retirement.” According to a recent study by Robert Half, more baby boomers than generation X or generation Y said they will work past the traditional retirement age. Many companies are now considering creative ways to meet future workforce needs. In this edition of Network magazine we explore retirement issues. I welcome your ideas, comments or questions: Sincerely, Charlotte Bouchard, MBA, CHRP President O 7

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Network - Winter 2010
HRIA President’s Message
HRIA Board of Directors
The Legalities of Mandatory Retirement
Unwanted Early Retirement
Baby Boom or Bust Strategies for Dealing With a Rapidly Aging Workforce
Retirement: Private Savings Plan Contributions Decreasing
Baby Boomer Steps
Retirement Is About More Than Just Money
What‘s Happening Here? HR’s Evolving Role in Dealing With Different Generations
Retirees Need a Game Plan
The HR Office
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Network - Winter 2010