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FEATURE Smart HR For Small Business, BY GLENDA ROULEAU ▼ ▼ ▼ From Basic To SMART HR that understand the challenge of HR, accept it, embrace it, and deliver on their commitment to their people are the winners. They outperform the competition, fi nd and keep the best employees, and enjoy growth, profits and longevity. These are companies that we read about, study, envy, and strive to emulate. They practice what I call “Smart HR.” AS SOON AS YOU hire your first employee, you become an HR manager. What does that mean? If we define “human resources” as “people,” then HR management simply means the management of your people. If you truly accept that your people are your most important asset, then your role as the manager of your employees is a critical driver of the success and profitability of your business. Basic versus Smart HR Smart HR is easy to do. Just follow these four steps: 1. UNDERSTAND Human Resources fundamentals. HR can be simplified into five basic foundations: • Find the People: Attract and hire the talent you require to run your business. Every Business Must Manage their Human Resources Every business has the challenge of managing their human resources. The companies 20 O • Set the Rules: Establish the policies, procedures, practices and expectations for people working in your organization. • Pay and Compensate: Provide the monetary and non-monetary compensation to people in return for their work. • Train and Develop: Provide people with training, education and professional development in support of talent growth and productivity. • Engage and Retain: The ultimate achievement for companies is being able to find and retain the best employees, engaging them to perform, contribute and drive business success.

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