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FEATURE How’s Your ENERGY LITERACY? Part 2 ▼ ▼ ▼ BY BILL WHITELAW The journey to the interviews about to unfold was almost too simple; resumes and degrees from reputable schools smoothed the path. Both grads are acutely aware of the fact that talented individuals, particularly technical professionals, are highly sought after as the industry ramps up for its next boom. On the “slide rule” scale of calibre, both look like great candidates: bright, ambitious, and knowledgeable. They represent the kind of new hire that is highly prized as the oil and gas business deals with one of its most confounding challenges: recruiting effectively and managing cross-generational knowledge transfer, particularly as one generation of technical professionals is replaced by another. They’re riding the wave of the “crew change,” that tectonic shift in human capital that involves baby boomers exiting stage left virtually en masse. Except one of the two engineers-in-training has a competitive advantage. This candidate is more literate. Not more literate in the received or conventional notion of literacy, though. Th is literacy advantage is more subjective and almost abstract, but it can still be measured and HUMAN CAPITAL O WINTER 2012 O 27 A TYPICAL SCENE. CUT to downtown Calgary office tower. Two young engineering graduates sit nervously outside the recruiting office of a major oil and gas company. They’re both apprehensive and excited at the same time; four years of gruelling studies are behind them and a bright future in Canada’s petroleum sector beckons. Both successfully completed science degrees from universities with top engineering faculties; their grade point averages placed them within the top three per cent of three respective graduating classes.

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