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F E A T U R E BLAZING YOUR OWN TRAIL BY STEPHEN MURDOCH COACHING: I n 2011, Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences developed a coaching program for their management team. A total of 50 management team members, from the front line to senior executives, participated in the two-day workshop and ongoing coaching supports. The innovative session, with a focus on coaching principles allowed participants to share candidly their work-related challenges and issues. Starlene MacDonald, organizational learning and development specialist for Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences explains how the coaching program came to fruition. “ The coaching program came about because we were seeking ways to support our leadership team. They were navigating and guiding their respective teams through an enormous amount of change,” MacDonald says. I n iti a l ly, the prog ra m wa s launched on a small scale; however, the response was overwhelming. The program initially started in 2009 with small coaching groups with external coaches leading group discussions. From there, it took root and continued to grow. It was then that they decided to evaluate the effectiveness of the program and, as a result, determined the managers enjoyed the experience but would get more from one-on-one coaching. The new and enhanced coaching program started with an RFP seeking vendors with experience in coaching supports. The successful vendor selected was Hazell & Associates/Career Partners. They began the program with a two-day workshop grounded in the fundamentals of “managers as coach” and skill building. The managers were provided with powerful models and practical tools to provide coaching to employees. “More importantly, they had the opportunity to use these tools in various exercises and interactive activities,” MacDonald says. Like any new leadership program, there was initial resistance. “Some of the leadership team was cautious as to what they should share with an external coach. There was an underlying belief that this outside source could not help or, better yet, relate to their everyday challenges. However, after only a few coaching sessions, most if not all of the managers bought into the system. They quickly realized that the coaching they received could help them during their day-to-day management. A majority of them went home to reflect on the way they lead and what they can do to better guide the efforts of their fellow team members,” says Michele Migus, director of HR with Ontario Shores. HR P R OF E S S I ON A L 30 J u l y / A u g u s t 2 0 1 2

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