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OFF THE SHELF R B Y J AY S O M E R S E T The Canadian specialized job board network. WHAT’S WORTH READING Transnational Leadership Development: Preparing the Next Generation for the Borderless Business World By Beth Fisher-Yoshida and Kathy D. Geller Amacom, 2009 3 EASY STEPS! Choose Post Done When doing busid ness in China, do you initiate a handshake with handsh a woman? What wom is considered con an “obscene” “o gesture in gestu Indonesia? Indo What is apWh propriate busipro ness attire nes in Russia? The answers Th to these questions are as varied as the cultures a themselves, each one putting forth a different set of cultural practices. Of course, being a leader is more than just knowing when to shake hands. As companies partner up, permeate borders and globalize, social norms remain somewhat static. To keep business flowing, cultural acumen must be observed and understood. Written by Kathy D. Geller, director of organizational effectiveness at Stanford University in California and Beth Fisher-Yoshida, consultant t on organizational development, intercultural competence and diversity, this frank and useful book offers much in the way of w w w. HRT houghtLeader. c om real-life experience and insights especially useful to HR leaders. Transnational Leadership Development acquaints the reader not only with the myriad cultural differences between countries, but, most importantly, explains why these differences occur by focusing on the mental processes; why people think certain ways or hold certain customs. The book is divided into seven chapters, exploring five separate cross-cultural paradoxes including how your worldviews and assumptions affect interactions with others; whether you should focus on groups or individuals; how to communicate; when to act or reflect; and understanding timelines and goal-setting. Mixed in are valuable case studies, a sample training program outline and a questionnaire to help implement the ideas found in the book. Post your job in minutes, on the most appropriate job board for the profile you are seeking! One account for different job boards and different job boards with the same bundle. TM Human Resources R Finance Accounting TM Accounting & Bookkeeping TM Sales TM Computer Science Retail TM Engineering TM Administrative Support TM Call Centers & Customer Services Hit the Ground Running: a Manual for New Leaders By Jason Jennings Penguin Group, 2009 TM Project Management TM Th There are leaders that lea build bui up a company over com years, slowly yea massaging a mas winning stratwin egy; and then there ther are those brought in to brou fix a firm gone awry. awry Like a marshal, field m your it’s yo job to Business Analysis TM Pharmaceutical TM Healthcare TM Legal TM Paralegal 1- 888 - JOBWINGS 49 r 2 0 10:57:43 AM 391835_jobWings.indd 1 A u g u s t / S e p t e m b e7/15/080 9

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HR Professional - August/September 2009
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HR Professional - August/September 2009