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CONTRIBUTORS AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2009 MARY BETH CURRIE Mary Beth Currie is a partner in the Employment Services Practice of Bennett Jones LLP in Toronto and co-authors a piece about restrictive covenants in employment agreements, on page 17. DUFF MCCUTCHEON Duff McCutcheon, HR Professional’s associate editor, reveals what you need to know about Ministry of Labour employment standards inspections to ensure an infraction-free audit, in HR 101, on page 37. THOMAS KEOGH Occupational medicine consultant Dr. J. Thomas Keogh helps organizations to develop programs to improve health and productivity. He turns his expertise to the issue of the effects and importance of diagnosing delusional disorder, on page 33. PETER STRAHLENDORF Dr. Peter Strahlendorf, a professor of occupational health and safety with G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University, explores why OHS expertise is essential to organizational health, on page 27. HR P R OF E S S I ON A L 8 August/September 2009

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HR Professional - August/September 2009
Editor's Letter
Leadership Matters
Wellness ROI
Human Capital
Talent Management
HR 101
Interview with Dr. Kathryn Cramer
Off the Shelf
The Last Word

HR Professional - August/September 2009