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THE MAGAZINE OF HUMAN RESOURCES THOUGHT LEADERSHIP | OCT/NOV 2009 PROFESSIONAL Special Legal Issue JOHN WEST LABOUR LAWYER Discusses the future state of employment law—including Bill 168, accessibility, dismissal and more To Catch a Thief Preventing Workplace Fraud A L S O : H U M A N R I G H T S T R I B U N A L | C I B C ’ S C L A S S AC T I O N U P D AT E | J U S T C AU S E D I S M I S S A L

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of HR Professional - October/November 2009

HR Professional - October/November 2009
Editor's Letter
Leadership Matters
To Catch a Thief
Human Rights Tribunal
Human Capital
On Message
HR 101
Industry Insider
Interview with John West
Off the Shelf
The Last Word

HR Professional - October/November 2009