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F E A T U R E TALES OF HR HORROR We asked and you provided: Here are your wildest, wackiest—and sometimes disturbing—scenarios you’ve dealt with in the HR profession. GR A N D P R I Z E Bad Vibes Quite early in my career, one of my line managers received a series of handwritten, unsigned letters. One had been placed on his computer at work and two more in his mailbox at home. He believed these letters were from an employee in another department, whose advances he declined the previous year. The fact that he had never given her his home address and that the unsigned notes were of a cryptic nature made him very uncomfortable. In order to investigate the complaint, I interviewed the employee and asked her if she had sent the notes. She said she had, but had done so because she was the one being harassed. When I asked her to elaborate, she asked me if I knew anything about Reiki. She explained that she was an energy healer and she could feel people’s energy. She said the manager had been psychically harassing her. She felt his “bad vibes” toward her and left him the notes in an effort to get him to stop. She then asked if I wanted some Reiki healing. Mustering up the I L L U S T R AT I O N S : PA U L D AV I Z 28 D e c e m b e r 2 0 0 9 HR P R OF E S S I ON A L

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HR Professional - December 2009
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HR Professional - December 2009