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TA L E N T M A NAGE M E N T BY EMMETT C. MURPHY BUILDING A RESPONSIBILITY DRIVEN CULTURE Do you have between responsibility driven culture aligns the individual interests of employees with the interests of the organization and its customers. When employees believe in their work and discover meaning in their daily activities, they are loyal, hard working, efficient and reliable. By attending to two key areas of your organization—its mission and its employee roles— you can build a responsibility driven culture swiftly and confidently. But a company also needs to “walk the talk” when it comes to selecting, evaluating and rewarding its employees. When choosing employees, it’s important to look for a values-fit to ensure corporate cohesion. The same is true for evaluating and rewarding employees. If a company values “fun” but only evaluates employees on the basis of efficiency, the company is acting out of line with its stated ideals and employees can feel conflicted. A responsibility driven culture develops quickly when the organization says it 201 and 500 employees? When it comes to HR management, we have the right fit. ‘‘ Responsible leaders ensure the employee’s work activities match the job description and initial expectations. Align organizational practices A company needs to establish its purpose and articulate its mission statement in order for employees to be able to take responsibility for the organization’s growth. Once an organization has a clear mission, orientation and training programs can emphasize corporate values, storytelling events can dramatize the company’s ethics and a shared corporate language can create bonds that help people “talk the talk.” w w w. HRPA. c a/ HRProfes s ional values one set of behaviours and then measures the same set of behaviours. ’’ Employer Integrated HR and payroll solutions Align individuals with job descriptions Employees will assume ownership of their jobs if they were well chosen for the job and are allowed to do the job for which they were hired. In the selection process, responsible leaders establish their priorities and match candidates with organizational needs, without getting sidetracked by talents that don’t EMPLOYERD INTRO, AN INTRODUCTION TO INTEGRATED PAYROLL AND HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT. THIS SOLUTION COMBINES A ROBUST PAYROLL ENGINE WITH CORE HR FUNCTIONALITIES. For more information, visit or call 514-356-5050 or 1-888-311-1616. 417574_Desjardins.indd D e c e m b e2/10/099 35 r 200 10:01:23 AM

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HR Professional - December 2009
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HR Professional - December 2009