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BRANDING BY GABRIEL BOUCHARD FIVE MYTHS OF THE IMPENDING LABOUR CRISIS magine you’d been warned five years ago about a global economic meltdown coming in 2008. How would you have prepared? Canada is facing another crisis of even greater proportions—a severe labour shortage, driven by aging baby boomers, which represent one-third of Canada’s population. According to Statistics Canada, one in five workers will be 55 to 64 years old in less than 10 years, and despite the recent financial crisis, half of these Canadians intend to retire, while the rest plan to work primarily on a part-time basis. There will simply not be enough people to fill the empty- I economic downturn will offer only temporary relief from a relentless need to recruit. Yet, there is little evidence that Canadian organizations are waking up to this reality and getting ready to sell themselves to potential employees. Organizations need a sophisticated employer-branding strategy to differentiate them in the marketplace. An employerbranding strategy establishes a compelling connection with your target market: potential employees. This is the key to getting hard-to-find, already-employed candidates to engage with you as a potential employer. To successfully navigate this massive shift in the labour market, HR must overhaul Do you have between 501 and 10,000 employees? We simplify your HR management from head to toe. ‘‘ An employer-branding strategy establishes a compelling connection with your target market: potential employees. ing full-time jobs, many of which will be senior leadership positions. During the height of this transition, for every individual entering the workforce, an average of 2.5 will be retiring. This will fundamentally change the hiring dynamic. We will move into a long-term candidate’s market with companies constantly competing to find the best people. Even periods of w w w. HRPA. c a/ HRProfes s ional Employer Integrated HR and payroll solutions ’’ its approach to recruitment and overcome some serious misconceptions. EMPLOYERD SELECT, A MODULAR SOLUTION FOR PAYROLL AND HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT. EMPLOYERD EXCLUSIVE, A FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE SOLUTION THAT LETS YOU EMBED YOUR BUSINESS PROCESS. For more information, visit or call 514-356-5050 or 1-888-311-1616. Myth: There are two types of candidates: active and passive Research undertaken by Workopolis reveals that if you only segment the labour market using job-search behaviour, you can be misled. 416728_Desjardins.indd D e c e m b e r2/10/09 37 2 0 0 9 9:13:59 AM

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HR Professional - December 2009
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HR Professional - December 2009