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Special Feature Best Practices in International Education The “Global Heiskell Awards Campus” IIE’s Fifth Annual Andrew for Innovation in International Education By Hannah Thompson Bringing Bangladeshi and American students together for study and fieldwork in rural villages. Training international entrepreneurs from rural South Carolina and Brazil. Integrating global competence into degree programs across the curriculum. These are among the initiatives honored by this year’s fifth annual Andrew Heiskell Awards for Innovation in International Education. At IIE’s launch of the Heiskell Awards five years ago, our member institutions responded eagerly to showcase their work to the broader community. Since 2001, we have recognized and shared over forty model programs for internationalizing our campuses, study abroad and faculty development and collaboration, and numbers of applications are rising. We are energized by this growth and success, and so, clearly, are our members. “While not all schools have the resources to make big changes quickly, across the country we are seeing campus leadership take new interest in international education,” says IIE President and CEO Allan Goodman. “Leaders are integrating international content into their curricula across the disciplines. They are dedicating resources to develop strategic plans and to create new programs and partnerships to reach diverse groups of students.” MEMBERS OF THE 2006 HEISKELL AWARD SELECTION PANEL Geoffrey Bannister President, The Forum on Education Abroad Esther Barazzone President, Chatham College Stephen Dunnett Vice Provost for International Education, State University of New York at Buffalo Ulrich Grothus Director, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) New York Catharine Stimpson Dean, Graduate School of Arts and Science, New York University This year’s Heiskell Awards recognize highly effective models for internationalizing the campus and study abroad. George Mason University’s Provosts Advisory Committee is achieving deep transformational change across the campus and the curriculum. Georgia Institute of Technology has launched an ambitious international plan to integrate global awareness and competence into students’ degree programs. Voorhees College has implemented an outstanding program model to train international entrepreneurs from minority populations in rural South Carolina, Texas, and Brazil. And Glendale Community College in California brings students to its long-time base in Baja, Mexico for collaborative fieldwork, offering an international experience to thousands of American students who might otherwise never have studied abroad. The Heiskell Awards for 2006 honor these campuses for their commitment to innovative international learning. Educators seeking greater investment in international education must continue to highlight the impact that developing global competence will have on our economy, on national security, on global health and the environment, as well as the professional lives of today’s students. “We need to ask, ‘What will our world be like in 30 years when today’s students are at the peak of their careers?’” says Peggy Blumenthal, IIE’s Executive Vice President, “We must begin now to give students the training they will need, recognizing that language and regional expertise take years to develop.” In this fifth anniversar y year of the Andrew Heiskell Awards for Innovation in International Education, we are pleased to highlight the winning programs for 2006, and to add them to IIE’s growing online library of Best Practices, designed to help you advance international education on your campuses. Please visit www.iienetwork.org for further details on all winning programs. We know you will find inspiration—and practical tools—for globalizing your campus among these outstanding examples. http://www.iienetwork.org

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IIE Networker - Spring 2006
Message from Allan E. Goodman
Up Front: The International Education Diary
The “Global Campus”: Andrew Heiskell Awards for Innovation in International Education
Paths to Global Competence: Preparing American College Students to Meet the World
Globalization and Higher Education: Eight Common Perceptions from University Leaders
The International Branch Campus
Investing in Communities and Capabilities Worldwide
Institutional Leadership Internationalizing the Campus through Institutional Leadership at University of California, Davis
International Students Could Anthropology Be an Answer to Exchange Students’ Cocooning?
Study Abroad The Study Abroad Superhero Search: A Practical Approach to Marketing Study Abroad on Campus
Internationalization in the UK UCL: London’s Global University
Community Colleges The International Negotiation Modules Project: Using Computer-Assisted Simulation to Enhance Teaching and Learning Strategies in the Community College
Country Focus: Brazil Institutionalization of International Education in Brazil
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IIE Networker - Spring 2006