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Knowledge Network: Study Abroad Study Abroad Superhero Search By Christopher T. Musick A Practical Approach to Marketing Study Abroad on Campus The name eludes me. I have been trying to develop a study abroad superhero to promote study abroad on campus. I imagine myself in colorful Spandex and tights. A cape made from the flags of the world—perhaps I could obtain it from one of the vendors at a conference… What would you call an international education superhero? My office receptionist tells me she will no longer know me if I run around campus in Spandex. In my mind’s eye I do see a slightly overweight, graying man who would probably hurt himself leaping from tabletops…I’d better hire a student. Many of us are struggling to find new and inventive ways to promote studying abroad on our campuses. I posted a request for innovative ideas for on-campus marketing to the NAFSA SECUSSA listserv and want to share my findings here. It is not possible to thank everyone who contributed ideas to this article individually, but I do want to express a collective “thank you.” I am not alone in my superhero search. Another SECUSSAn writes, “I’ve always wanted to have a study abroad mascot. A really cute puppy that could roam the campus with a sandwich board on its back declaring ‘Explore the world!’ and a name like Explorer or Navigator. The sandwich board could have deadlines, brochures, photos. Not sure how it would fly, but it could be really fun.” Who needs hi-tech or superheroes? Other cost-effective ideas for on-campus marketing include: • Having students write articles for the student newspaper while abroad or upon return; • Purchasing an advertisement in the student paper; • Informing the student paper when international visitors or program representatives are on campus; • A “News from Abroad” bulletin board, electronic newsletter or blog; • Getting student permission to publish their comments from program evaluations; • Announce deadlines and programs to the student paper, radio and TV stations; • A simple, one-page handout with a list of programs and deadlines; • Some third party providers have articles they will submit, written by Look! Up on the Student Union! Is it a philosophy professor coming out of the clouds? Is it a wildly tossed Frisbee from the green? No! It is Bicultural Man . . . ? Captain Culture . . . ?

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IIE Networker - Spring 2006
Message from Allan E. Goodman
Up Front: The International Education Diary
The “Global Campus”: Andrew Heiskell Awards for Innovation in International Education
Paths to Global Competence: Preparing American College Students to Meet the World
Globalization and Higher Education: Eight Common Perceptions from University Leaders
The International Branch Campus
Investing in Communities and Capabilities Worldwide
Institutional Leadership Internationalizing the Campus through Institutional Leadership at University of California, Davis
International Students Could Anthropology Be an Answer to Exchange Students’ Cocooning?
Study Abroad The Study Abroad Superhero Search: A Practical Approach to Marketing Study Abroad on Campus
Internationalization in the UK UCL: London’s Global University
Community Colleges The International Negotiation Modules Project: Using Computer-Assisted Simulation to Enhance Teaching and Learning Strategies in the Community College
Country Focus: Brazil Institutionalization of International Education in Brazil
The Browser: Index of Advertisers

IIE Networker - Spring 2006