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Knowledge Network: Brazil Institutionalization of International Education in Brazil By Luciane Stallivieri Internationalizing higher education is one of the ways a country responds to the impact of globalization. Over the past decade, Brazilian universities have been facing the need to internationalize their programs, their curricula, and their campuses in order to meet the needs of their students and staff, offering them different opportunities for international experiences. In our global environment, one of the basic and fundamental functions of a university should be to foster a global consciousness among students, to make them understand the relationship between peoples and societies, to develop in students an understanding of their own and other cultures, as well as respect for pluralism. Based on those concepts, it is possible to understand why it is so important to work on the process of internationalization of higher education and consequently on the internationalization of university campus, creating a positive environment that is adequate to the education required to face the new challenges brought by the new century. It is more than necessary that universities and educational institutions, attentive to the new demands, promote seminars and conferences, create opportunities for people interested in education to express their ideas and have the possibility to discuss the future of international education and how to develop mechanisms to stimulate international education practices. For the second year in a row, FAUBAI (The Forum of Brazilian University Directors for International Education) organized a seminar on the institutionalization of international education in Brazil. This seminar was organized in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy, the EducationUSA center and the U.S.-Brazil Binational Fulbright Commission. The most impor tant aspect of this seminar is that the participants could improve the discussions about how to use international cooperation activities as an important tool for the development of the universities. The seminar was held at Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Campinas (PUCCampinas) in the State of São Paulo and discussed very specific topics such as the level of internationalization of Brazilian universities compared to institutions in the United States; how to develop an international marketing plan for universities; how to improve the quality of international programs; and how to increase student mobility. The group of educators who participated in the FAUBAI seminar concluded that the internationalization of higher education must be faced as a challenge to be pursued by all the institutions that want to work with high standards of quality and that want to be considered highly competitive among the best higher education institutions in the world. Internationalization cannot be considered an afterthought any longer and must be treated as a strategy for the institutional development in Brazil. For more information on FAUBAI, or to learn more about how to cooperate with institutions in Brazil, please go to www.ci.com.br/faubai. Luciane Stallivieri is President of the Forum of Brazilian University Directors for International Education (FAUBAI). http://www.ci.com.br/faubai

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IIE Networker - Spring 2006
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IIE Networker - Spring 2006