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PHILANTHROPY HONORED Princess Ghida Talal of Jordan Receives IIE Humanitarian Award AT THE 2008 Gala Dinner, the Institute for International Education presented the HRH Princess Ghida Talal of Jordan with its Humanitarian Award for her commitment to international philanthropy. In presenting the award, Henry Kaufman and Henry Jarecki, IIE Trustees and Co-Founders of the Scholar Rescue Fund, acknowledged the Princess’ dedicated efforts as a Board Member of IIE’s Scholar Rescue Fund and Chair of the King Hussein Cancer Foundation. Her efforts include the seminal role that she and her husband, HRH Prince Talal, have played in launching the Iraq Scholar Rescue Project, which over the next several years will save the lives and work of up to 200 of Iraq’s most senior academics and will find them safe haven at host universities within the Middle East region until they can safely return to re-build their country. The Humanitarian Award recognizes distinguished and enduring lifetime contributions to international cooperation and to the advancement of “Opening Minds to the World” through international educational exchange. Princess Ghida Talal of Jordan’s Speech in Acceptance of the Humanitarian Award Mr. Johnson, Dr. Kaufman, Dr. Jarecki, Dr. Goodman, Mr. Russo, dear friends, I cannot possibly express to you what this award means to me. Even as I acknowledge my difficulty in trying to justify it, I must tell you how profoundly grateful I am to receive it. I regard this humanitarian award as a great honor. But I must add that I also view it as an obligation. This is why I would like to start my remarks with a promise – a promise to remain committed to the protection of scholars in war zones and a promise to continue to speak out against their relentless and inhuman persecution. It is only by helping to rescue these scholars that we can ensure that they will go back to their homelands and pass on to the next generation a better country than the one they left behind. I am so proud to be associated with the Scholar Rescue Fund and its amazing work. The Fund does exactly what its title suggests – it comes to the rescue of scholars who are being targeted and assassinated in countries stricken by war. These scholars are being pursued, harassed, tortured and killed for committing the only crime of continuing to teach and impart knowledge. We all have a duty to stop their persecution and to protect them. We hold a responsibility towards them as they in turn hold the key to the education of our children. Since its creation in 2002, the Scholar Rescue Fund has assisted scholars from 39 countries. A year ago, faced with the terrible state of chaos and crisis in Iraq, it decided to create the Iraq Scholar Rescue Fund. The terrible reality is that the scholars who remain in Iraq are living in constant danger. International agencies have reported the targeted killings of over 1,000 of Iraq’s senior academics and estimated that thousands have fled the country. As the prominent Iraqi professor Abdul Sattar Jawad wrote movingly: “The mass kidnappings of scholars in Iraq underscore the chilling fact that the most dangerous place in Iraq is not the mosque, the marketplace or the military checkpoint, but the classroom.” In response to this academic emergency, the Iraq Scholar Rescue Fund has stepped in with the aim of assisting up to 200 Iraqi scholars over the next three years by providing them with fellowships and placing them in host institutions within the Middle East to avoid any resulting IIE Vice Chairman Henry Jarecki and Chairman Emeritus Henry Kaufman presented the Humanitarian Award to HRH Princess Ghida Talal of Jordan for her dedication to international philanthropy. 21

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IIE Networker - Spring 2009
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IIE Networker - Spring 2009