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IIE PROGRAM PROFILE IIE’s Work in the MENA Region By Liz Khalifa THE INSTITUTE OF International Education (IIE) is a leader in providing educational services in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region with the goal of preparing individuals and institutions to become leaders in the globalized world. IIE is pleased to share the highlights and impacts of just a few of the programs supported by the Institute’s global network. IIE’s West Coast Center in San Francisco implements programs that empower women throughout the MENA region. Since its launch in 2005, Women in Technology (WIT), funded by the Middle East Partnership Initiative, and with support from Microsoft Corporation, has trained over 5,000 women and built the capacity of more than 50 local women’s organizations in nine countries in the Middle East. Hundreds of WIT participants have secured employ- Egyptian National University students participate in team-building and leadership exercises ment and internships in local companies, during the semester-long Discovery Program. academic institutions and government ministries. WIT participants are forming Professional Development Net- preparatory and secondary schools and youth centers – both private works, which organize events relevant to their members and women and public – with a curriculum of leadership learning lessons that builds in their communities such as breast cancer awareness drives, guest the capacity of the schools to deliver youth leadership programming in lectures, and job fairs. WIT Partner Organizations use the Business the future. The USAID-funded Peace Scholarships Program adminPlanning for Sustainability Training they receive through WIT to istered in partnership with World Learning provides leadership learnexpand their centers and to operate WIT training centers on a cost ing and U.S. study abroad opportunities to Arab students region-wide. Competitively-selected university students from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, recovery model. The Komen Global Initiative for Breast Cancer Awareness Pro- Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, West Bank, and Yemen participate in leadergram, also designed and managed by IIE’s West Coast Center, works ship institutes through IIE Centers in Cairo and in Denver and attend to create a global network of dedicated activists with the skills to play U.S. universities for one year of academic study. IIE works with world-class trainers and facilitators to deliver proa strategic role in shaping their country’s response to breast cancer. Funded by Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the first phase of the Global fessional development programs that meet the strategic and perforInitiative trained nearly 600 individuals representing 24 communities mance enhancement needs of institutions in the region. Over 20 corporations, foundations, and governmental entities based in the region in 8 countries, including Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The IIE MENA Region Office and Center for Leadership Excel- currently benefit from IIE professional programs. IIE’s offices world-wide administer scholarship programs that lence in Cairo works with individuals and institutions that recognize the critical need for leadership capacity building. The Center pro- support institutions in the MENA region. The King Abdullah Univides innovative leadership programs to diverse audiences including versity of Science and Technology (KAUST) based in Saudi Arabia provides undergraduate and graduate students from top science and organizations, professionals, and youth. Youth leadership programs expose students to different leadership engineering facilities study and research awards. To train their petroapproaches; provide space for the students to explore their values and leum professionals in health, safety and environmental protection and visions; and build critical skill sets such as team work, communication, lay the foundation for future international cooperation, Libya’s Waha creativity, networking, and project planning. Students also experience Oil Company partnered with IIE to create a scholarship program leadership through interaction with community leaders and service that brings their employees to U.S. universities for intensive English learning opportunities. The Discovery National Student Leadership language and technical training. IIE is also supporting the exchange of Program is currently in its fifth full semester iteration in Egypt with over scholars in the Middle East and North Africa to support the advance■ 120 alumni. Alumni who graduated are entering the workforce with ment of higher educational institutions in the region. employable skills and confidence and are pioneers in understanding new and effective leadership approaches. The YELLA (Youth Enrichment Liz Khalifa is the Director of IIE’s MENA Regional Office, based in for Leadership Learning and Action) Program provides six Egyptian Cairo, Egypt. 50

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IIE Networker - Spring 2009
 Message from Allan E. Goodman
 IIENetworker University Presidents Interview Series: Edward Guiliano, President of New York Institute of Technology
 Best Practices in International Education: 2009 Andrew Heiskell Awards
 HRH Princess Ghida Talal of Jordan Receives IIE Humanitarian Award
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 The Community College of Qatar: New Initiative to Meet Emergent National Educational and Labor Market Goals
 Toward a UAE Liberal Studies Stream
 New York University Abu Dhabi and the Research University as Global Network
 Expanding Education Abroad in the Arab World
 The Middle East as a Study Abroad Destination
 Student Flows from the Middle East: Iranian and Saudi Arabian Students in the United States
 The Desert as Meeting Place: Where Students from the Middle East and Around the World Come Together
 A Race to the Top: Helping Jordan Win the Right Race
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 IIE Program Profile: IIE's Work in the MENA Region

IIE Networker - Spring 2009