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BEST PRACTICES 2011 IIE Andrew Heiskell Awards: Innovation in International Education IN CHOOSING PROGRAMS to honor, this year’s Heiskell Awards selec- tion committee was faced with an embarrassment of riches: the progress that U.S. institutions have made in internationalization in just a few short years continues to surprise and impress. From transnational legal education in London to global supply chain management in Houston, this year’s award recipients are changing the lives of students across the country and around the world. The 2011 awards include two special recognition categories, the first for programs that internationalize business programs and the second for U.S.-Spain partnerships. With the central role of business in driving economic globalization, U.S. business students are an ideal fit for study abroad. Because of the great and growing need to prepare future business leaders to work in the global economy, the 2011 Internationalizing the Campus category recognizes the best of these initiatives that focus specifically on business education. The 2011 Heiskell Awards are the first to include a category recognizing academic partnerships between the U.S. and a specific country. Partnerships with Spain can both develop U.S. students’ Spanish language skills and promote a deeper understanding of the European Union, and they are honored in this special category this year. The Heiskell Awards exist not only to honor existing programs but also to inspire new ones, and we hope that the best practices outlined below will be adapted to the needs of many additional institutions. “Over the past ten years, the Heiskell Awards have recognized over 80 programs that serve as best practices for internationalizing higher education around the world,” says IIE President and CEO Dr. Allan E. Goodman. “We invite you to visit our website, where we highlight a decade of honorees and best practices. As institutions continue to innovate, taking their internationalization efforts to new heights and depths, we look forward to continuing our tradition of recognizing their commitment to excellence and meeting the global mandate of our time for the benefit of students, faculty and administration.” Readers can find full profiles of this year’s winning initiatives and profiles of the past 10 years of award-winning, innovative international programs at www.iie.org/heiskellawards. CATEGORY 1: INTERNATIONALIZING THE CAMPUS (Special Focus: Business Education) Global SE has two components: an oncampus seminar held in Wooster, Ohio, and a six-week experiential-learning consultancy with social enterprises in Bangalore, India. Students and faculty design a problemsbased curriculum, which is then studied from each student’s disciplinary perspective, as well as through the lens of the social enterprise they work for. Program participants have already gone on to effect change: one staff member started her own initiative providing locally raised greens in Cleveland’s urban “food deserts.” A student now works with children using narratives and photography to increase environmental awareness in rural Rajasthan. Another has strengthened her own nonprofit in Ghana using the evaluation methodology devised in India. Global SE is recognized for its success in designing a model to promote, as the program puts it, “global citizenship and entrepreneurship for the global good.” The Global SE experience includes an on-campus problems-based seminar held in Wooster, Ohio, and a six-week experiential-learning component in Bangalore, India. COLLEGE OF WOOSTER INTERNATIONALIZING THE CAMPUS WINNER Global Social Entrepreneurship (Global SE) Nomination submitted by Amyaz A. Moledina, Co-director of the Center for Diversity and Global Engagement 14 The idea for Global SE at Wooster College began, appropriately for an entrepreneurship program, as a business plan. In 2009, students, faculty, staff and alumni collaborated to design an innovative program that would reach all majors, specifically in underrepresented fields like business. http://www.iie.org/heiskellawards

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IIE Networker - Spring 2011
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2011 IIE Andrew Heiskell Awards: Innovation in International Education
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IIE Networker - Spring 2011