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II. INTERNATIONAL PARTNERSHIPS The International Network of Universities (INU): The Consortium for Global Citizenship Ingrid Elam, Hajime Nishitani, and John By Melanie Pissarius, Ingrid Elam, Hajime Nishitani, and Lee Sternberger THE INTERNATIONAL NETWORK of Universities (INU) was formally launched in October 1999 under the leadership of the Vice Chancellors: Professor Michael Osborne (La Trobe University, Australia) and Professor Ian Chubb (Flinders University, Australia). This article explores the INU’s vision of global citizenship that shapes the consortium’s educational efforts; illustrates its unique Faculty and Staff Shadowing Program; and spotlights the work of the Librarian Special Interest Group—all of which have shaped the network into what it is today. is held annually every August in Japan, in conjunction with the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony. Soon after, in 2009, a graduate summer school under the same theme was successfully created. Since the creation of the Hiroshima Summer Program in 2006, 359 undergraduate and 47 graduate students have participated. More than 30 different faculty members from across all INU member universities have taken up the opportunity to participate in the program in Hiroshima. Faculty Engagement through Shadowing Visits around the Globe For the past five years all INU universities have either sent or received a total of 51 “Shadowers.” The program allows participants to experience and learn from their counterparts at partner institutions. The expenses for the shadowing program are covered by both the home and hosting universities. A unique aspect of the shadowing experience is that participants may elect to visit up to three member institutions throughout their individually tailored programs. INU’s Special Interest Group for Librarians The Special Interest Group for Librarians connects librarians from across the network to share ideas, best practices, and knowledge related to their profession. Ralph Alberico, Dean of Libraries and Educational Technologies at James Madison University, has sent a number of faculty and staff he supervises on various shadowing missions and has attended numerous INU-sponsored network meetings himself, embracing “the opportunity to engage in discussions with librarian colleagues from around the world.” It is an opportunity for faculty and staff to find common ground for multilateral collaboration and best practice exchange through an often informal setting. Guldborg Peterson, Scherpereel present the 2011 INU Student Award Winner for Global Citizenship to Adam White from James Madison University. Director of Libraries at Malmö University in Sweden, adds: “At Malmö University Library we started up a Book Chain after the visit at JMU’s Center for Faculty Innovation. We also have plans of reorganizing our IT and Media support, inspired by the way it is done at JMU.” Looking Forward Over the past decade the INU has managed to define itself as the preeminent consortium for promoting global citizenship. “We all have differences, but we have much more in common,” said JMU President Linwood H. Rose during the last INU meeting in October 2011, adding that the complex issues facing members’ home countries and the world at large are best addressed through higher education. Sharing consortium activities with faculty, students, and staff within each university community along with identifying areas of collaboration and then working between each home institution and the larger consortium group can be a time-consuming challenge. However, the benefits for faculty and students can be transformational. In this spirit, the INU continues to develop unique and innovative faculty, professional staff, and student programs. Melanie Pissarius is the Project Manager of the International Network of Universities, currently headquartered at James Madison University, Virgina, USA. Ingrid Elam is the Pro Vice-Chancellor International at Malmö University, Sweden. Hajime Nishitani is the Deputy Vice-President (International) at Hiroshima University, Japan, and teaches at the Faculty of Law. Lee Sternberger is the President of the International Network of Universities (2012-2015) and Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Executive Director of International Programs at James Madison University, Virginia, USA. 37 Targeted Membership: Smaller Group, Bigger Outcomes The INU is currently comprised of 10 members that stretch across the world. Most INU members are relatively “young” universities that actively seek international contacts and experiences, create innovative programming and delivery methods, and embrace the internationalization movement. INU members have always believed that a small group, which affords every member an equal voice, would best realize the network’s joint goals. INU members and its delegates view each other as “like-minded” and believe that the overall size of the network is subordinate to the establishment of a strong sense of solidarity with each other. This unity allows delegates at all levels to cooperate more effectively with one another. Working Together Toward Peace: Educating Global Citizens The INU offers its member universities a greater array of educational and research opportunities for students, faculty, and staff than any one university could realize acting alone. The ideological focus of network members has always been on the internationalization of its faculty, staff, and students and hence on the education of global citizens. In 2006, the INU established an undergraduate student seminar on global citizenship, which http://www.naylornetwork.com/iie-nxt/

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