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IIENETWORK MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM RESOURCES ABOUT THE IIENETWORK MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM IIENetwork is the Institute of International Education’s membership association, with over 1,100 member institutions, including universities, two- and four-year colleges, national and international exchange agencies, and educational not-for-profit organizations around the world. Each IIENetwork member designee is an important link in a network of over 7,000 individuals with a commitment to the internationalization of their institutions. As a member of IIE you receive targeted membership services that help you network with other educators across the globe and keep you up-to-date on the latest trends, developments, and statistics in international educational exchange. You will also receive free copies of IIE’s flagship reference books, and discounts on other publications, events, and services. Member colleges and universities are asked to designate different individuals to receive information in the following areas: • Study abroad • International student enrollments • Policy, research, legislation • International admissions For a list of all IIENetwork member institutions, please see the index on page 201. TEN IIENETWORK MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS 1) FREE COPIES OF IIE PUBLICATIONS As an IIENetwork member, your institution receives IIE’s core reference books and publications free of charge. Among the free publications are: • IIEPassport: Study Abroad Directory • Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange • IIENetwork Handbook for International Educators • Intensive English USA (for non-U.S. member institutions only) • Funding for United States Study (for non-U.S. member institutions only) 2) FREE SUBSCRIPTION TO IIENETWORKER MAGAZINE IIENetworker is a biannual, 50-page print magazine on timely issues that affect international education professionals. The magazine provides a broad range of current information on: • International education news and updates • IIE news and projects • Scholarships and grants in international education • Articles on study abroad, international student enrollments, and policy issues • New research and data 3) NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES As a member, you can network with international education professionals and policy makers from around the world. We know that many institutions want to forge partnerships with institutions in other countries. IIE members can search the extensive IIE membership directory online and in print, and meet face to face at IIE seminars and conferences. IIE has 30 offices and representatives in the U.S. and around the world, with over 600 staff members. IIE Members are welcome to visit IIE offices worldwide to exchange information on IIE’s global programs and services. 4) MEMBERS-ONLY ACCESS TO RESEARCH, STATISTICS, AND MORE IIENetwork members benefit from access to all our expert online research, including members-only student mobility data from Open Doors and IIE’s online surveys, research reports, data analysis, and other types of articles on current international education topics. In addition, IIENetwork offers an extensive, searchable database of upcoming events and deadlines in international education. Each member designee receives a username and password to access special sections of the IIE website. I I E N E T WOR K H A N DB O OK FOR I N T E R NAT IONA L EDUC ATOR S 2012 15 http://www.iie.org/iienetwork

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About IIE
IIE’s Regional and International Offices
IIE Telephone and Email Directory
Benefits of Membership
Membership Application Form
IIENetwork Associate Membership
Free Program Listings in IIE Directories
IIE Publications and Reports
Overview of Study Abroad Scholarships and Resources
Fast Facts: Open Doors® 2011 Report on International Educational Exchange
Bringing International Students to Your Campus
IIE Heiskell Awards for Innovation in International Education
EducationUSA Network
IIE Scholar Rescue Fund®
Fulbright Scholar Programs: Engaging Faculty & Administrators
Center for International Partnerships in Higher Education
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How to Use the Directory Listings
IIENetwork Members in the United States
International Members by Country
IIE Member Name Index
Index of IIENetwork Member Institutions
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