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Dateline: Dubrovnik S Highlights from ISTAT’s 16th European Conference Several short months ago, many of ISTAT’s members converged Throughout the course of nine educational sessions and panel upon Dubrovnik, Croatia, for the ISTAT 16th European Conference in discussions, nearly all of the conference’s 28 speakers touched on October. Over the course of three days, 415 registered attendees— the subject of the economy’s projected return to form. A few were the most to ever attend an ISTAT European Conference—gathered at downright pessimistic, but most seemed to convey a sense of the recently renovated Valamar Lacroma Resort and Spa to enjoy prereserved optimism; the economy is indeed showing early signs of sentations from some of the biggest names in the industry, as well rebounding, they said, but predicting a measurable timetable for as participating in panel discussions, Q&A sessions and, as always, any such recovery is surely impossible. connecting with other ISTAT members by way of the countless netAs the conference is designed to do, the innumerable networkworking opportunities that the conference regularly affords. ing opportunities allow ISTAT members a chance to talk face to “The thing I like so much about coming [to the ISTAT conferface about the problems that each faces; it isn’t uncommon for ences] is to engage with these people and get their insight about new business to be born as a result. what’s going on in the market,” said Randy Tinseth, VP of Marketing For example, Aeronautical Engineers, Inc. (AEI), and MNG for Boeing. “So, even though I come Airlines brokered a deal for AEI to here to talk about the market, I think provide MNG with one B737-400SF I walk away learning as much from all passenger-to-freighter conversion. p the people in ISTAT as I do sitting in “We’re confident with our Seattle at my desk putting together selection of the AEI p-to-f convers charts.” sion,” said Ahmet Berkmen, vice s During 2008’s 15th European chairman of MNG in a post-conc Conference in Prague, global finanference press release, “based upon f cial policymakers were engrossed in their longstanding reputation t predicting how deep the economic for f delivering a quality product recession would go and whether the that is highly reliable and backed t global financial system would surby b industry-leading customer vive; in 2009, the economy seemed support.” s to have “hit the trough,” to quote It is business relationAirbus Director Market Analyst Andrew ships such as these that make s Gordon, and everyone at the conferISTAT’s conferences immeasurably I ence was doing his or her best to valuable. v anticipate when the market would Perhaps another indicator “Things seem to have hit the trough, and they seem to be finally coming back again.” rebound. Like the attendance figures, that the industry is in recovery, t – Andrew Gordon, Director Market Analyst, Airbus things seem to be on the uptick, but or on the pathway to that end, there’s a long way to go before it is is in the number of conference business as usual. sponsors—17 this year—who s However, one conference particionce again helped to make the o pant offered a few words of caution European Conference a success. E for anyone blindly waiting for the “We are grateful to our spongood times to roll yet again. sors,” said conference Co-Chair s “The thing that people need to Peter Huijbers. “Without them P understand,” said Stephen Hannahs, or o the tireless work of the folks Group Managing Director and CEO of behind the scenes at ISTAT, we b Aviation Capital Group, during a panel wouldn’t have a conference.” w discussion on future aircraft leasing ISTAT would like to extend a solutions, “is that there won’t be a heartfelt thanks to everyone who h ‘new normal.’ Will the economy come attended the conference or worked a back strong again? Surely it will, but to t help make it yet another rousthe old way of doing things won’t ing success. Please make plans i “We do believe that growth is coming, and that is why we are apply anymore. You need to be makto t attend the 17th European investing now.” ing plans for a new reality.” Conference in October 2010. – Markus Ott, Head of Corporate Finance, Lufthansa Conference Speakers Jetrader 15

Jetrader - January/February 2010

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Jetrader - January/February 2010
A Message from the President
Q&A: Randy Tinseth
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Dateline: Dubrovnik
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