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ISTAT calendar
ISTAT Americas 2013
Sunday-Tuesday 10-12 March 2013 JW Marriott Orlando Grand Lakes Orlando, Florida

ISTAT news
ISTAT Americas Registration Now Open
Online registration for the ISTAT Americas 2013 is now available! This year’s event is planned for 10-12 March 2013 at the JW Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes Ritz-Carlton Hotel & Spa in Orlando, Florida. For more information about the event, and to register, please visit or contact ISTAT Headquarters at 1.312.321.5169 or Please note, membership dues must be paid in full before ISTAT Americas registration can be processed, so make sure you are up to date.

ISTAT Asia 2013
Sunday-Tuesday 12-14 May 2013 ANA Intercontinental Tokyo, Japan

ISTAT Reception at the Paris Airshow
Monday 17 June 2013

Airline Membership and Conference Fee Waiver
ISTAT is making a special offer to airlines. This initiative grants a “free” corporate membership to an airline and complimentary registration for up to two members at ISTAT Americas, ISTAT Europe and ISTAT Asia. To take advantage of this special offer, you must comply with the following: • Airline Membership Criteria – Qualifying airlines are defined by ISTAT as organizations with a current commercial airline operating certificate who are actively providing scheduled or charter commercial passenger and/or freight service. • Free Membership – The free corporate membership will cover up to 6 members. Additional members may renew at a reduced rate of $200. To maintain a “Free” corporate membership for each subsequent year, an airline must continue to satisfy the airline criteria above and be represented at ISTAT Americas, ISTAT Europe or ISTAT Asia in the current calendar year by at least one individual with material responsibilities in aircraft trading, aircraft financing and/or fleet planning. • Conference Attendance – Up to two corporate members from each airline shall be allowed to attend ISTAT Americas, ISTAT Europe and ISTAT Asia as guests of ISTAT with no registration fees. The airline representatives attending each event (if any) must be one of the airline individuals covered by the corporate membership and must have material responsibilities in aircraft trading, finance and/or fleet planning at the airline. Additional members from the corporate member airline shall receive a 50 percent discount off the normal conference registration fees. For more information please visit

ISTAT Chalet at the Paris Airshow
Monday-Sunday 17-23 June 2013

ISTAT Europe 2013
Sunday-Tuesday 6-8 October 2013 Hotel Arts Barcelona, Spain

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Jetrader - January/February 2013

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Jetrader - January/February 2013

A Message from the President
Q&A: Jep Thornton
Aircraft Financing in 2013
AFRA's NEW Best Management Practice (BMP) Guide Closes The Circle And Joins The Dots
ISTAT Foundation
Turbo Prop Leasing: Thoughts from the Front
Catching The Spirit: Ancillary Fees Under Attack
Aircraft Appraisals Index
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Jetrader - January/February 2013 - A Message from the President
Jetrader - January/February 2013 - Calendar/News
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Jetrader - January/February 2013 - Q&A: Jep Thornton
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Jetrader - January/February 2013 - Aircraft Financing in 2013
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Jetrader - January/February 2013 - 10
Jetrader - January/February 2013 - AFRA's NEW Best Management Practice (BMP) Guide Closes The Circle And Joins The Dots
Jetrader - January/February 2013 - 12
Jetrader - January/February 2013 - ISTAT Foundation
Jetrader - January/February 2013 - Turbo Prop Leasing: Thoughts from the Front
Jetrader - January/February 2013 - 15
Jetrader - January/February 2013 - 16
Jetrader - January/February 2013 - Catching The Spirit: Ancillary Fees Under Attack
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Jetrader - January/February 2013 - Aircraft Appraisals
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