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® Jetrader is a bi-monthly publication of The International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT). ISTAT was founded in 1983 to act as a forum and to promote improved communications among those involved in aviation and supporting industries, who operate, manufacture, maintain, sell, purchase, finance, lease, appraise, insure or otherwise engage in activities related to transport category aircraft. Jetrader Published for: International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading 401 N. Michigan Ave. Suite 2400 Chicago, IL 60611 USA Tel: 312.321.5169 Fax: 312.673.6579 E-mail: ISTAT BOARD OF DIRECTORS OFFICERS Michael Platt President Thomas W. Heimsoth Immediate Past President John W. Vitale Vice President Gregory A. May Vice President Treasurer Connie Laudenschlager Vice President Secretary DIRECTORS Fred E. Bearden Anthony Diaz Sigthor Einarsson Jay W. Hancock Peter Huijbers Will Hudson Joseph W. Ozimek Marc Allinson Daniel J. Pietrzak Mark Pearman-Wright Stephen T. Rimmer Jep Thornton ISTAT INTERNATIONAL APPRAISERS’ PROGRAM BOARD OF GOVERNORS Fred E. Bearden – Chairman Appraiser Fellow Fred J. Klein – Chairman-Elect Senior Appraiser Steve Boecker – Douglas Emerson Albert A. Nigro – Jeffrey Tenen Tony Whitty – Robert F. Agnew Senior Appraiser William Bath Appraiser Fellow/Administrative Director/ ISTAT International Appraisers Program ISTAT FOUNDATION Stephen T. Rimmer Chairman Michael Platt ISTAT President Thomas W. Heimsoth ISTAT Past President Robert Brown Vice Chairman Gregory A. May Secretary Treasurer TRUSTEES Jon Batchelor Klaus Heinemann Dana Lockhart James Morris Roland H. Moore, Esq. Chris Partridge Nick Popovich David P. Sutton David Treitel Warren Willits INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF TRANSPORT AIRCRAFT TRADING Ron Pietrzak Executive Director Ben Barclay Project Coordinator Dana Henninger Member Services Tracy Schorle Marketing and Communication Services from the president Michael Platt, 2007-2009 President International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading John W. Vitale, 2009-2011 President International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading At the end of this year’s annual conference in Scottsdale, we will witness the rarest of political phenomena, something to be truly cherished and protected at great cost and personal sacrifice—the peaceful transition of power. It is in that spirit that we jointly write this edition of “From the President.” In all seriousness, though, our bylaws provide for several measures to ensure continuity in the leadership of ISTAT. All of the Officers are elected one year prior to taking their positions on the executive committee to shadow the current Officers and learn the responsibilities of their upcoming role. In addition, the President remains on the Board of Directors for one term past his service as President so that we maintain a high level of experience on the Board of Directors. We would like to give our heartfelt thanks to those on the Board who have completed their terms—specifically, Tom Heimsoth of Willow Aviation, Connie Laudenschlager of Keswick Associates, Fred Bearden of Aircraft Information Services, Inc., and Mark Pearman-Wright of Airbus Industrie. All three of these individuals have given selflessly of their time, energy, ideas and expertise to make our beloved ISTAT what it is today. We are also very excited to see the tradition continue with a Board consisting of very hard working and creative individuals representing a cross section of our membership. Further, viewing the slate of highly qualified candidates running for the open Board seats gives us comfort that the society will remain the premier organization for professionals in the aircraft business for years to come through new ideas and renewed energy. This is particularly comforting as our industry faces difficult times. The aircraft market is in turmoil, trying to find the bottom so that we can begin to dig out. It is times like these that make ISTAT all the more relevant to our members. Now, more than ever, we need to come together as an industry to find creative solutions to the most difficult business problems. There’s no better place than at the annual conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. Conference co-Chairs Joe Ozimek of Boeing Capital Corporation and Sigthor Einarsson of Icelandair have led a committee of dedicated members of the Board to bring you, the members, the opportunity to discuss the most pressing issues we face today. So, let’s do what we have always done—come together and find our way through the turbulence to smoother skies ahead. Next stop, Dubrovnik! Jetrader 3

Jetrader - March/April 2009

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Jetrader - March/April 2009
A Message from the President
Crunching the Numbers
World Air Cargo Forecast
Brain Drain in the Transportation Industry
Aircraft Appraisals
From the ISTAT Foundation
Aviation History
Advertising Index
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