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Jetrader is a bi-monthly publication of the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT). ISTAT was founded in 1983 to act as a forum and to promote improved communications among those involved in aviation and supporting industries, who operate, manufacture, maintain, sell, purchase, finance, lease, appraise, insure or otherwise engage in activities related to transport category aircraft. Jetrader is published for: International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading 401 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 2400 Chicago, IL 60611 USA Tel: 312.321.5169 Fax: 312.673.6579 E-mail: ISTAT BOARD OF DIRECTORS OFFICERS John W. Vitale President Michael Platt Immediate Past President Gregory A. May Vice President Marc Allinson Vice President/Treasurer Peter Huijbers Vice President/Secretary DIRECTORS Fred Klein Sigthor Einarsson Will Hudson Daniel J. Pietrzak Jep Thornton Mike Skinner Anthony Diaz Jay W. Hancock Joseph W. Ozimek Mark Pearman-Wright David P. Sutton Douglas Runte

from the president

John W. Vitale, President International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading

Wow! What a conference! Thanks again to the conference committee, chaired by Joe Ozimek and Sigthor Einarsson. They did an excellent job of planning and executing to bring us an experience to remember. They assembled an unparalleled panel of industry executives at the very highest level to share their thoughts on the industry. Furthermore, they pulled together some very entertaining events to make this the best conference ever. Thank you! Thanks also to ISTAT Executive Director Ron Pietrzak and his team: Cynthia Cortis, Michelle Towsey, Tracy Schorle, Ben Barclay, Dana Henninger and Katie Walsh, who were on site to keep the inevitable disasters from materializing and the minor fl aws from reaching the public eye. As usual, Bill Bath and Jack Feir spent the weekend locked in the dungeon we call the Appraisers’ Exam Room, sacrificing their golf games for the greater good of our industry. Of course, I must also again thank our sponsors, whose generous financial support makes this all possible. I was astounded at the level of support we received from many old friends of ISTAT and many new friends as well (sometimes after significant effort and prodding from Fred Klein and Jep Thornton, ISTAT’s designated beggars). Thank you all for stepping up to ensure the success of our Society. We’ll see you all at the Farnborough International Airshow reception on Monday, July 19!

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Jetrader 3

Jetrader - May/June 2010

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Jetrader - May/June 2010

Jetrader - May/June 2010
A Message from the President
Q&A: Steven F. Udvar-Hazy
ISTAT Shines in Orlando
The State of Aviation Finance
A Closer Look: Airbus A380
Cargo Conversion Candidate Aircraft
Emerging Entrants
Help Yourself
Bavarian Splendor
Flying Higher
Aircraft Appraisals
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