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ISTAT Foundation Golf Tournament: Despite the threatening weather, golfers enjoyed their time on the course for the annual tournament to raise funds for student scholarships and grants.

Excerpts from the Lessors Panel
Q: What are your thoughts on the “mega order syndrome” and the proposed production rates? Henri Courpron, CEO, International Lease Finance Corporation A: Boieng and Airbus are doing their job. It’s an ecosystem. This all will come in check sooner rather than later. Raymond Sisson, CEO, AWAS A: Manufacturers are trending production rates too high temporarily. Current production rates make it unattractive for lessors to place speculative orders. Q: What does it take to be successful as an operating lessor? Norman Liu, President and CEO, GE Capital Aviation Services: A: Great people who have jet fuel in their veins. Steven F. Udvar-Hazy, Chairman and CEO, Air Lease Corportation A: We felt there was a need for another player…to augment what the two megalessors were doing. comes next…we’ll be able to motor through it like the last one.” Though confident of this fact, Blair did admit that both the Boeing and Airbus backlogs are too large and that the company will focus on bringing the numbers back to a reasonable amount with closer to a three-to-four-year timeline as opposed to the current 10 years. As the event drew to a close, attendees packed the room for the two final panels— the Financiers Panel and the Lessors Panel, each with a heavy-hitting lineup of industry experts. To cap off another success in Phoenix, Ariz., attendees gathered at the closing gala dinner where ISTAT recognized the late Henry Hubschman with the ISTAT Award. Norman Liu, GE Capital Aviation Services CEO, accepted the award and shared memories of his time working with Hubschman. The ISTAT Scholarship winners were recognized for their academic achievements and Fred Bearden honored Bill Bath for his service to ISTAT and

ISTAT Opening Night Reception: After the golfing and skeet shooting earlier in the day, attendees and guests enjoy refreshments at the ISTAT Americas 2012 Opening Night Reception sponsored by Chromalloy and CTS Engines.

the appraisal community. For more on Bath, see page 22. “ISTAT events provide forums for interaction for industry participants from all sectors of commercial aviation,” said Daniel Pietrzak, an ISTAT board member and managing director of aircraft transactions, Delta Air Lines. “Members and non-members from around the world come to share ideas, do business, and hear about the latest issues affecting our businesses.” Thank you to those who made this event possible, including the ISTAT Americas 2012 Conference Committee: Conference Co-Chairmen Media Co-Chairmen Daniel J. Pietrzak Douglas W. Runte Sponsorship Co-Chairmen Will Hudson Jep Thorton Events Co-Chairmen Marc S. Allinson Jay Hancock

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Jetrader - May/June 2012

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A Message from the President
Q&A: Nicholas E. Calio, Airlines for America
Forecast at ISTAT Americas 2012 Beckons Bright Year Ahead
Fans, Financiers Fancy the Dreamliner on its ‘Dream Tour’
What’s Ahead for the Freighter Conversion Market?
Aircraft Appraisals
The International Appraiser’s Program
Remembering Bill Bath Index
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Jetrader - May/June 2012 - Fans, Financiers Fancy the Dreamliner on its ‘Dream Tour’
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