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message f ro m the p re s i d e nt Association of Old Crows 1000 North Payne Street, Suite 200 Alexandria, VA 22314-1652 Phone: (703) 549-1600 Fax: (703) 549-2589 PRESIDENT Laurie Moe Buckhout VICE PRESIDENT Robert Elder SECRETARY Cliff Moody TREASURER David Hime AT-LARGE DIRECTORS Cliff Moody Linda Palmer Paul Westcott Michael Oates David Hime Tony Lisuzzo Ron Hahn Lisa Frugé Col Robin Vanderberry, USAF REGIONAL DIRECTORS Southern: Wes Heidenreich Central: Judith Westerheide Northeastern: Charles Benway Mountain-Western: Wayne Shaw Mid-Atlantic: Bill Tanner Pacific: Joe “JJ” Johnson International I: Robert Andrews International II: Gerry Whitford IO: Al Bynum APPOINTED DIRECTORS Donato D’Angelantonio Joe Hulsey James J. Lovelace Marc Magram IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT Walter Wolf AOC STAFF Stew Taylor Don Richetti Marketing and Exhibits Executive Director Manager Norman Balchunas Tanya Miller Director, Operations Member and Chapter Support Manager Mike Dolim Director, Education Jennifer Bahler Registrar Carole H. Vann Director, Administration Keith Jordan IT Manager Shelley Frost Director, Logistics Glenda M. Montanez Kent Barker Executive Assistant Conferences Director/ reyes-montanez@ FSO Tasha Miller Glorianne O’Neilin Membership Assistant Director, Member Services Miranda Fulk Logistics Coordinator Tony Ramos Director, Lauren Stewart Communications Logistics Coordinator Brock Sheets Bridget Whyde Director, Marketing Marketing/ tions Assistant MAKING PROGRESS F 12 The Journal of Electronic Defense | January 2012 or the past five years, the electronic warfare profession has been breaking out of its mold, and our ideas have been gaining more and more traction among senior leaders and warfighters. Last month, ADM Jonathan Greenert, Chief of Naval Operations (CNO), published an article in the US Naval Institute’s Proceeding’s magazine titled “Navy 2025: Forward Warfighters.” In the article, Admiral Greenert looks ahead 15 years and offers his vision for how the Navy will fight in the future. He covers a number of important areas, but what struck me most was his discussion about “Mastering the Electromagnetic Domain.” “Today, Navy forces focus on deconflicting operations in the electromagnetic spectrum or cyber domains,” he wrote. “By 2025, the Fleet will fully operationalize those domains, more seamlessly managing sensors, attacks, defense, and communications, and treating EW and cyber environments as ‘maneuver spaces’ on par with surface, undersea, or air.” Admiral Greenert’s insightful article comes just six months after the US Marine Corps published its Concept of Operations for Marine Air-Ground Task Force Electronic Warfare (CONOPS for MAGTF EW). The CONOPS states, “Success on future battlefields will demand that the MAGTF commander has the ability to sense the EMS, maneuver within the EMS, and exercise command and control of electronic warfare forces.” (See the USMC EW article on page 32 in this month’s JED.) What makes me proud is that the concept of the EMS as an operational domain and maneuver space came from the EW community. It has been discussed in JED magazine articles, at AOC conferences and in countless meetings between EW professionals and senior military leaders over the past few years. Those senior leaders are now endorsing the concept and incorporating it into strategic planning. For EW professionals, this is a huge achievement, and we need to continue helping our senior leaders to build an EMS strategy. What difference does it make to have the EMS viewed as an operational domain? After too many years in the Pentagon, I can say with confidence the word “domain” translates to high-level policy, funding, manning and equipping – all of which are critical to creating the world-class EW capability needed to defend our free nations. Can EW survive without it? Certainly! However, EMS-using technology has taken us to the point (and in fact a little past that point) where we either treat the EMS as the “key terrain” it is, or we cede control of it to others. I think our choice is clear. As this discussion continues and evolves, the AOC’s role is to enable and foster it. Our job is to support the defense leaders of our nations, and I feel confident they will eventually make the critical decisions necessary to build and sustain the Spectrum Warriors we need for today’s and tomorrow’s conflicts. – Laurie Moe Buckhout, COL (Ret.), USA

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