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a s s ociat i o n n e w s THE FUTURE OF RPA’S AND THE EMS IS NOW The press reports about what brought down a US RQ-170 remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) in Iran last month have certainly been rife with speculation. Regardless of the specific events that preceded the drone coming down inside Iran, which are known to only a few (if any) individuals, what is perhaps more significant is what we know for sure: the Iranian government claimed that its Army’s electronic warfare unit took control of the drone and landed it with little damage. Whether it is true or not, Iran’s decision to spotlight its electronic warfare and Cyber capabilities is perhaps the most significant aspect of this event. Iran is placing the importance of EMS warfare, EW, and Cyber warfare squarely in the spotlight of the international stage. Simultaneously as these events unfolded, the AOC was holding the “Vital UAS/RPA Requirements for Battlespace Control” working group event at Nellis AFB, NV. A mere 48 miles up the road is Creech AFB, the “cockpit” for the RPA missions. The working group addressed the importance of effective use of EW payloads on unmanned aircraft, current payload and operational shortfalls, and the way ahead - following these objectives: 1. Identify capability gaps and help develop COAs to address them. 2. Identify short-term and long-term program requirements. 3. Evaluate short and long-term programs with key military, OSD, DHS, and other government leaders as well as industry experts. Leading minds in the EW community will meet again in November, 2012 to continue the discussion pertaining to EW and RPA’s. The AOC’s RPAs EW & ISR Operations Conference will be held at the US Navy’ Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) in San Diego, CA, and will take the discussions from the Nellis working group to the next level of implementation. a The Journal of Electronic Defense | January 2012 41 Join the AOC FIRST _________________________ MIDDLE ______LAST ______________________________ RANK/TITLE ______ MAILING ADDRESS _________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ CITY ______________________________STATE ___________ZIP CODE _____________ COUNTRY _______________ TELEPHONE _____________________________________FAX (OPTIONAL) ___________________________________ EMAIL ____________________________________________________________________________________________ AOC MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION EMPLOYER TYPE Army Navy Coast Guard Marines Air Force DoD Civilian Government Non-DoD Industry Education Other PRINCIPAL JOB FUNCTION Management, Corp. Management, General Engineering R&D Operations Marketing Data Processing Procurement Production Engineering Support Training Testing Other PRODUCT/SERVICE/ APPLICATION EW Avionics Intelligence Cyberspace Computers Electronics Electro-Optics Communications Test/Diag. Logistics Spectrum Mgmt. Consultant Components Space Applications Radar Directed Energy IO Other PAYMENT INFORMATION (Make checks payable to: Association of Old Crows) 1yr $45 3yr $115 LIFE $500 STUDENT $15 RETIRED $15 AOC EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION DONATIONS $ __________________________________________________ Payment (US dollars only) Check One: Check enclosed Visa MasterCard American Express Credit Card Number_______________________________________________Expiration Date ______________________ Please Sign _________________________________________________________________ Date ______________________ Recruited By ____________________________________________________________________________ Check here if you would like to be a part of the Information Operations Institute (IOI): The IO Institute is a department of the Association of Old Crows chartered by the AOC Board of Directors to give members of the IO community an opportunity to exchange ideas and keep informed about current and discrete developments in the field of Information Operations. 1000 North Payne Street, Suite 200 • Alexandria, VA 22314 • Phone: 703-549-1600 • Fax: 703-549-2589 • Association of Old Crows AOCMembership_HALFPG_EditorialAd.indd 1 1/4/11 1:42:42 PM

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