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JED Details quick look Page # Details Page # Miniature Air-Launched Decoy jamming variant (MALD-J) 18 NanoDynamics, nanomaterials for US Army’s IR obscurants 24 Next-Generation Jammer (NGJ) program 15 Nordic region, history of EW and SIGINT in 32 Nordic Standard Helicopter Program (NSHP) 33 Nordic Supportive Defence Structures (NORDSUP) 39 Northrop Grumman, engineering support to Prowler’s ALQ-218(V)1 jammer 24 Northrop Grumman, EW products in Nordic region 34 Northrop Grumman, four employees die in plane crash 23 Norway, EW activity in 34 ONR, BAA for EW Discovery & Invention program 19 ONR, RFP for Integrated Topside (InTop) development 19 Ray Coutley, AoA government team lead for NGJ 15 Raytheon, EW products in Nordic region 34 Raytheon, Lockheed Martin contract for F-16IN Super Viper’s EW suite 30 Raytheon, testing of Laser Centurion Demonstrator 24 Rheinmetall Waffe Munition, EW products in Nordic region 34 Saab Avitronics, BOZ-EC countermeasures dispensing pod for Italy 30 Saab, EW products in Nordic region 33 SELEX Galileo, agreement with Bharat Electronics Ltd. 30 Sweden, EW activity in 37 Terma, EW products in Nordic region 34 Thales Airborne Systems, EW products in Nordic region 33 TriQuint Semiconductor, broadband RF transistors 46 US Air Force, decision against B-52 jammer 18 US Army, Computer Network Operations and Electronic Warfare Proponent (USACEWP) 26 US Army, Combined Arms Center-Capability Development Integration Directorate (CAC-CDID) 26 US Army, EW Officer career field established 26 US Marine Corps, solicitation for CREW jammer support 23 US Navy, analysis of alternatives (AoA) for Next-Generation Jammer (NGJ) 15 US Navy, ALQ-99 Band 4 upgrade and sustainment 42 US Navy, bids for Joint Aircraft Threat Awareness System (JATAS) program 16 Allen-Vanguard Corp., merger with Tailwind Financial Inc 30 Applied Signal Technology, SIGINT payload flight test 24 Armtec Countermeasures, US Army flare contract 24 BAE Systems, RF threat and space warning receiver system for AFRL 24 Bharat Electronics Ltd., agreement with SELEX Galileo 30 Boeing, delivery of Growler maintenance trainer 20 Boeing, ground-based Laser Avenger 24 CAP Wireless, ultra-broadband amplifier 46 CAPT Steven Kochman, US Navy 42 CDR John Springett, US Navy 17 COL Laurie Buckhout, US Army 26 Communications EW - Part 22 47 dB Control, high- and low-band transmitters 46 Denmark, EW activity in 38 DRS Signal Solutions, miniature portable receivers 46 EA-6B Program Office (PMA-234) 42 EADS, EW products in Nordic region 33 Elisra Electronic Systems Ltd., F/A-50 EW systems for Korean air force 30 54 The Journal of Electronic Defense | March 2009 Finland, EW activity in 34 Gen Peter W. Chiarelli, US Army 26 India, Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) fighter competition 30 Israel, negotiations with United States for EW on its JSFs 30 ITT, new defense avionics repair and testing facility 24 ITT, EW products in Nordic region 33 Jacobs Engineering Group, US Navy contract 24 John Young, Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics 15 Joint Aircraft Threat Awareness System (JATAS) RFP due 16 Kilgore Flares, US Army contract for flares 24 Korea, EW system for F/A-50 attack jets 30 L-3 Communications Electron Devices, ALQ-99 Band 4 upgrade 42 LaBarge, Northrop Grumman contract for AAQ-24(V) electronics 24 Link Microtek, successive detection log video amplifiers (SDLVAs) 46 LTC John Bircher, US Army 26 MBDA, EW products in the Nordic region 33 Mercury Computer Systems, FPGA-based digital receivers 46 With more than 50 years of electronic warfare experience, BAE SYSTEMS is pleased to sponsor the JED Quick Look.

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