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the view from he re A MAJOR ACHIEVEMENT MARCH 2009 • Vol. 32, No. 3 EDITORIAL STAFF Editor: John Knowles Managing Editor: Elaine Richardson Senior Editor: Glenn Goodman Assistant Editor: Marianne Kunkel Technical Editor: Ollie Holt Washington Editor: Kernan Chaisson Contributing Writers: Dave Adamy Marketing & Research Coordinator: Allie Hansen Sales Administration: Esther Biggs I 6 The Journal of Electronic Defense | March 2009 n late January, the US Army formally established an EW career field for its officers, warrant officers and enlisted personnel. Over the coming months and years, it will build a community of nearly 1,600 dedicated EW personnel who can work in the EW discipline throughout their service careers. Eventually, the total may grow well beyond 1,600. Just getting to this point is a remarkable achievement for the Army. Back in early 2006, when the Army began to move in this direction, I heard from several skeptics inside and outside the Washington, DC, beltway who did not think the Army would see this plan through. Some of them dismissed the Army’s renewed interest in EW as a politically calibrated response to the growing number of losses from IEDs in Iraq and Afghanistan. But, in this case, the skeptics were proven wrong, as the Army demonstrated that its EW initiative was far more serious than mere political window dressing. The entire Army obviously has learned some tough and enduring lessons in Iraq and Afghanistan. The enemy has spent thousands to the Army’s billions and has used RF-controlled IEDs and Vietnam-era shoulder-launched MANPADS to attack lines of communication and supply on the ground and in the air. Current and future adversaries (large and small) will continue to challenge the Army’s ability to achieve spectrum control in future operations. And without spectrum control, the Army knows it cannot perform its mission. I should note that Army EW obviously is not a blank slate. Throughout the Cold War and up through the Global War on Terror, the Army has always nurtured EW expertise in the aviation and intelligence communities. That said, I am very interested to see how Army EW takes shape and what changes will occur from the future influx of EW thinking across the service. Which Army commands will stand up EW offices? Will there eventually be a program executive office just for EW? Will TACOM take a fresh look at integrated multispectral EW suites for its ground vehicles now that IED jammers have proved their value in combat? Another interesting question is, How will Army EW evolve in the joint world? In fact, when you consider the history of Joint CREW Composite Squadron – One (JCCS1), it is fair to say that some aspects of Army EW have evolved from within the joint world. The Army has learned and will continue to learn a lot about EW from the other services. What is important to keep in mind, however, is that Army EW is not Air Force EW or Navy EW. It has a lot in common with Marine Corps EW, but the two are not the same, either. Generally speaking, the Army’s EW target set is different from that of the other services. The Army is very focused on attacking an adversary’s command and control networks, and I think this fact will drive a lot of synergy between EW and cyber in Army operations. Additionally, the Army’s core focus is at the brigade level. I think this will dictate a lot of the thinking in terms of how Army EW evolves and how it is integrated within the service. I would like to wrap this up by heaping some kudos on the people, like COL Laurie Buckhout and LTC Chip Bircher, whose leadership and vision have helped to open a new chapter for Army EW. Well done! EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD Mr. Roy Azevedo Deputy, Tactical Airborne Systems, and Manager, EW, Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems Mr. Chris Bernhardt President, ITT Electronic Systems Maj Gen Bruno Berthet Délégation Générale pour l’Armement (DGA), French MOD Col Laurie Buckhout Chief, EW Division, Army Asymmetric Warfare Office, USA Lt Col Dean Ebert Warfighter Integration, Aviation Weapons Requirements Branch, HQ USMC Mr. Björn Erman President, Saab Avitronics Col Tim Freeman Commander, 542nd Combat Sustainment Wing, AFMC, USAF Mr. Gabriele Gambarara General Manager, Elettronica S.p.A. Mr. Tony Grieco Former Deputy for Electronic Warfare, OSD Mr. Ron Hahn Deputy Director, Joint EW Center, US Strategic Command Mr. Walt Havenstein President and CEO, BAE Systems Inc. Mr. Jay Kistler Technical Director, Air Warfare OUSD (AT&L), OSD Capt Steve Kochman Commander, EA-6B Program Office (PMA-234), NAVAIR, USN Maj Gen William Lord Commander, Air Force Cyber Command (Provisional), USAF Capt Paul Overstreet Commander, ATAPS Program Office (PMA-272), NAVAIR, USN Rep. Joe Pitts (Honorary Member) US Congress, Founding Member, EW Working Group Mr. Kerry Rowe President and COO, Argon ST Col Robert Schwarze Chief, EW and Cyber Warfare Requirements (A5RE), Air Staff, USAF PRODUCTION STAFF Layout & Design: Barry Senyk Advertising Art: Dana Marleau Contact the Editor: (978) 509-1450, Contact the Sales Team Leader: (800) 369-6220, ext. 3385, or (352) 333-3385 Subscription Information: Please contact Glorianne O’Neilin at (703) 549-1600 or e-mail The Journal of Electronic Defense is published for the AOC by Naylor, LLC 5950 NW 1st Place Gainesville, FL 32607 Phone: (800) 369-6220 • Fax: (352) 331-3525 ©2009 Association of Old Crows/Naylor, LLC. All rights reserved. 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