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message f ro m the p re s i d e nt Association of Old Crows 1000 North Payne Street, Suite 300 Alexandria, VA 22314-1652 Phone: (703) 549-1600 Fax: (703) 549-2589 PRESIDENT Chris Glaze VICE PRESIDENT Walter Wolf SECRETARY Joe “JJ” Johnson TREASURER Kenneth Parks AT LARGE DIRECTORS Richard Morgan David Hime Kenneth Parks Michael “Mick” Riley William “Buck” Clemons Steven Umbaugh Cliff Moody Linda Palmer Paul Westcott REGIONAL DIRECTORS Southern: Wes Heidenreich Central: Judith Westerheide Northeastern: Nino Amoroso Mountain-Western: Lt Col Jesse “Judge” Bourque, Joint EW Center Mid-Atlantic: Bill Tanner International I: Col René Kaenzig, Swiss Air Force International II: Gerry Whitford Pacific: Joe “JJ” Johnson APPOINTED DIRECTORS Vince Battaglia Doug Swoish Robert Giesler IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT Kermit Quick AOC STAFF Don Richetti Executive Director Norman Balchunas Director, Operations Carole H. Vann Director, Administration Shelley Frost Director, Meeting Services Ken Miller Director, Government, Industry & Public Relations Kent Barker Director, Conferences Glorianne O’Neilin Director, Membership Operations Joel Harding Director, Information Operations Stew Taylor Marketing Manager Jackie Kelly Conference Manager Tanya Miller Member and Chapter Support Manager Jennifer Bahler Registrar Justin O’Neilin IT Manager Natasha Miller Member Services RESOURCING EW THROUGH A COHERENT MESSAGE LThe Journal of Electronic Defense | March 2010 ast month, the US government released strategic documents that will impact the Electronic Warfare mission area throughout the Future Years Defense Plan (FYDP). On February 1, the Fiscal Year (FY) 2011 defense budget proposal, the war funding supplemental, and the 2010 Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) were released. The defense budget proposes $708 billion for FY2011. Although this figure represents a modest 1.8 percent in real growth in US defense funding, the budget did yield a couple of significant funding items for the EW community; $1.1 billion for 12 Growlers in FY 2011 and $2.4 billion for an additional 24 in FY 2012. The Navy will now purchase a total of 114 Growlers and can now recapitalize four expeditionary electronic attack squadrons, which were non-existent under the old program numbers. Also, although the figures were not provided, it looks as if the Air Force will gain an additional EC-130H Compass Call airframe. These EW procurements are good news for the joint warfighter and respond directly to Combatant Commanders’ urgent operational requests for additional Joint Airborne Electronic Attack (EA) capability. Our community (in uniform and out) has worked hard to highlight the importance of Electronic Warfare over the last several years. The procurements above are a direct result of individuals articulating a message that is resonating in larger forums – that Electronic Warfare is a critical component of warfare in the Information Age. And we are beginning to see threads of that coherent message emanating across US strategic documents, particularly in the 2010 Quadrennial Defense Review. The FY2011 budget will begin to implement the recommendations of the QDR, which was completed in January. The QDR is guiding the formulation of the FY 20112015 FYDP and will also guide preparation of the DOD budget for FY2012 and beyond. As a result, the FY2011 budget request supports the QDR’s call for better EW capabilities for today’s warfighters. With regard to the Pentagon’s long-term strategy, initial reports of the QDR suggest that EW may play a prominent role in the Pentagon’s future defense strategy. The QDR says, “to counter the spread of advanced surveillance, air defense and strike systems, the department has directed increased investment in selected capabilities for electronic attack.” Furthermore, the QDR recognizes “the need to expand our electronic warfare capabilities and enhance intelligence and information operations capabilities. These key capabilities, as well as new technologies being explored, support flexible and effective forces for today’s fight and contribute to our readiness for operations across the full range of military operations.” So while it appears as if we are on the right path, our community must retain its coherent message as we address defense budgets across the FYDP. I urge you to stay informed and stay connected with your Association as we move our profession forward! – Chris “Bulldog” Glaze

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