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JED Details quick look Page # Details Page # Northrop Grumman, Joint Threat Emitter (JTE) 31 Northrop Grumman, LAIRCM Guardian jam head 16 Pakistan, acquisition of Oliver Hazard perry-class frigate 28 RAAF, delay in upgrade from Hornet to Growler Lite 28 RAF Spadeadam, UK EW training 31 Raytheon, MALD-J completion of critical design review 18 Saab, SKYWARD B IRST from Selex Galileo 28 Selex Gaileo, jam head for CIRCM 16 Selex Galileo, IRST for Saab Gripen NG 28 Selex Galileo, RALM laser warning receiver 28 Spadeadam Integrated C3 System (SPICCCS) 31 Teledyne, TWTs 46 Thales, EW for French helicopters 28 Thales, TWTs and MPMs 46 TMD, MPMs 46 Tom Fitzpatrick, BAE Systems 16 Triton Services, TWTs and MPMs 46 TWTs and MPMs 41 Unmanned Threat Emitter (UMTE) 35 US Army, CIRCM 16 US Army, EMARSS 24 US Army, Prophet Enhanced 24 US Army, RFI for CREW spares 24 US Navy, additional EA-18Gs 18 US Navy, EP-X program terminated 20 US Navy, JATAS development 20 US Navy, JCREW 3.3 development 20 US Navy, Next-Generation Jammer 22 US Navy, SEWIP budget 22 USAF, ALQ-131 pod 38 USAF, ALQ-184 pod 38 USAF, ALR-56M upgrade 38 USAF, ALR-69 upgrade 38 USAF, ASIP for Reaper UAV 23 USAF, LAIRCM 23 USAF, MALD-J completion of critical design review 18 USAF, new Compass Call aircraft 22 USAF, new electronic attack pod 22 2010 Quadriennal Defense Review 26 Aeronautica Militare, AARGM acquisition 22 Airborne SIGINT enterprise progam 23 ATK, AARGM operational evaluation 22 ATK, CIRCM testing 16 BAE Systems Australia, 1000th Nulka decoy 28 BAE Systems, CIRCM testing 16 Capt Candice Sperry, USAF 24 Carl Smith, Northrop Grumman 16 CAS, mulitple threat location placement 31 Col Stan VanderWerf, 542nd Combat Sustainment Group 37 CPI, TWTs 44 dB Control, acquired by Heico Corporation 24 dB Control, TWTs and MPMs 44 DRS, CIRCM testing 16 DRS, DF processing contract 24 e2v, TWTs 44 Electronic Attack focus, 2010 QDR 26 EW Against Modern Radars, Part 4 49 54 The Journal of Electronic Defense | March 2010 EW Life Cycle Management Group 37 EW training ranges, improving capability 30 France, EW contract for EC725 Caracal helicopters 28 FY2011 DOD Budget 18 Heico, acquisition of dB Control 24 India, first EW conference 28 Indian Armed Forces, release of new doctrines 28 ITT, ALQ-214 contract 24 ITT, CIRCM testing 16 Joint Threat Emitter (JTE) 35 L-3, TWTs and MPMs 44 LaBarge, AAR-57 contract from BAE Systems 24 Letters to the editor 15 LTC Ray Pickering, IRCM project manager PEO IEW&S 16 Man Portable Aircraft Survivability Equipment System Trainer (MAST) 35 Mark Hutchens, BAE Systems 16 MBDA, ELIPS-NG chaff and flare dispenser 28 MITEQ, MPMs 46 Northrop Grumman, CIRCM testing 16 Northrop Grumman, Global Hawk UAV 20 With more than 50 years of electronic warfare experience, BAE SYSTEMS is pleased to sponsor the JED Quick Look.

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