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FEBRUAR Y 2012 Vol. 35, No .2 in strategic defence and national security requires a ready and expert technology base Rooted at the southern tip of Africa, our reach extends far beyond the African continent. We apply our minds across the full range of research, development, testing and evaluation – in long-term strategic partnerships. What distinguishes us is that we are a knowledge-based organisation: rather than only systems, we develop your strategic technological capabilities that offer a distinctive advantage. Periodical e: Analog-to-D igital Conve Expanding rters: the Bottlene ck Also in this Asia-Pacifi c issu 20 The Journal of Electronic Defense | March 2012 Capabilities: DRFM based simulators: complex targets, electronic attack (EA) techniques and clutter simulation for radar research, development, test & evaluation Radar systems: Measurement and evaluation of clutter, RCS and EA effectiveness; high range resolution & target feature measurement; generic pulse Doppler radar hardware in the loop simulators Modelling and simulation: Sensors and EW engagements simulation; system and doctrine research and development For more information, please contact us: Website: Email: Tel: +27 12 841 2060 Fax: +27 12 842 7121 Postal: CSIR Defence, Peace, Safety and Security PO Box 395, Pretoria, 0001, South Africa EW letters f ro m o u r re ade r s I saw the Message from the AOC President in the February 2012 Journal of Electronic Defense titled, “IS IT TIME FOR A SPECTRUM CZAR?” The tone of the message is RIGHT ON! However, there is a Spectrum CZAR. It’s the National Telecommunications and Information Agency (NTIA). The problem is, they don’t think of themselves as part of Electronic Warfare or Spectrum Warfare or Spectrum Dominanc. Nor do they think of the spectrum as a potential warfare domain. There are lots of committees and subcommittees chaired by the NTIA, but they all add up to a bunch of “green eye shade” clerks plugging “square peg frequency assignments” into the “square hole spectrum.” Our AOC President is right on. It is time for the NTIA (and Military Communications Electronics Board (MCEB)) to really step up and take charge! In fact, while we are upgrading things, let’s change the MCEB to the Military Spectrum Dominance Board and really take charge. Robert J. Donnelly JED welcomes and publishes letters to the editor when we’re lucky enough to receive them. Please send letters to John Knowles, or to 573814_CSIR.indd 1 2/9/12 4:04:51 PM

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