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message f rom the p re s i d e nt DATABASES: AN IMPORTANT PIECE OF THE PIE W 12 | April 2009 The Journal of Electronic Defense hat is database support for electronic warfare (EW)? Support is a word that most database analysts and managers would not like me to use in the context of a discussion on EW. From their point of view, these professionals are part of the team that makes EW systems work as well as they do. However, from an operator’s point of view, it may be considered only one of the logistics groups that supply a commodity for the development and sustainment of the EW system that he or she operates. In addition, the database analysts and managers are not always considered a true member of the EW system acquisition team, but rather a group that is from another discipline (intelligence) and funded outside of the EW acquisition process. Some might argue this point, but in the recent past the acquisition and test/development teams responsible for fifth-generation fighter aircraft realized deep in their program that the RF ”database” of information required for all of the EW systems on these platforms was not adequate to operate the system as envisioned. Over time, this problem mostly was resolved, but not without consternation, long hours from database managers and analysts and, of course, program/funding adjustments. I bring this up because many EW acquisition managers (including export customers) do not always put database support in the major requirements list and often find themselves lacking all of the data required to make their EW systems operate as advertised and/ or expected. I cannot count the number of times I have added a database support amendment to an FMS (Foreign Military Sale) case or a proviso in a DCS (direct commercial sale) license because it was a requirement that the program manager (both a US and/or international manager) did not think about in program development. This Old Crow believes it is time that database support (is there a more appropriate term?) should be given a higher priority when program managers plan the development or purchase of an EW system. By way of example, in the United States, the Electronic Warfare Integrated Reprogramming Database (EWIRDB), the main Department of Defense (DOD) product used for initial development and programming of EW systems, is a living document. A dedicated team of database managers and analysts keeps information on more than 2,300 radars updated on a daily basis. Other nations maintain their own EW databases. Every EW system developer should make sure that databases are funded as an integral part of his or her programs. For the international customer purchasing EW systems from another government or directly through a commercial supplier, it is important to determine if database support is addressed in your case or license. If not, you should ask why. Database support is an important piece of the pie for EW systems development and for the logistical tail required to keep the EW system working to protect pilots, sailors, marines and soldiers in harm’s way. – Kermit Quick Association of Old Crows 1000 North Payne Street, Suite 300 Alexandria, VA 22314-1652 Phone: (703) 549-1600 Fax: (703) 549-2589 PRESIDENT Kermit Quick VICE PRESIDENT Christopher Glaze SECRETARY Judith Westerheide TREASURER Kenneth Parks AT LARGE DIRECTORS Matthew Smith-Meck CDR Scott Martin, USN Linda Palmer Richard Morgan David Hime Kenneth Parks Michael “Mick” Riley William “Buck” Clemons Steven Umbaugh REGIONAL DIRECTORS Central: Judith Westerheide Northeastern: Nino Amoroso Mountain-Western: Lt Col Jesse “Judge” Bourque, Joint EW Center Mid-Atlantic: Harvey Dahljelm International I: Col René Kaenzig, Swiss Air Force International II: Gerry Whitford Southern: Col Tim Freeman, USAF Northern Pacific: Joe “JJ” Johnson Southern Pacific: Vince Battaglia APPOINTED DIRECTORS Mary Ann Tyszko Robert Giesler IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT Walter Wolf AOC STAFF Don Richetti Executive Director Norman Balchunas Director, Operations Carole H. Vann Director, Administration Shelley Frost Director, Meeting Services Ken Miller Director, Government, Industry & Public Relations Kent Barker Director, Conferences Glorianne O’Neilin Director, Membership Operations Joel Harding Director, Education Stew Taylor Director, Marketing Jackie Kelly Manager, Meeting Services Tanya Miller Membership Services Jennifer Bahler Registrar Justin O’Neilin IT Manager

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