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world repor t INDIA SEEKS AIRBORNE SIGINT SYSTEM The Indian Air Force (IAF) has solicited information from signals intelligence (SIGINT) system manufacturers for two airborne SIGINT programs. One effort focuses on procurement of SIGINT systems for medium tactical transport aircraft. According to a request for response (RFR) issued by the IAF in February, the airborne SIGINT system should be capable of intercepting, identifying, “finger printing” (i.e., specific emitter identification), and locating emissions from ground and airborne radars, EW systems, IFF systems and communications systems. Bids will be screened by a technical evaluation committee and candidate systems would then participate in a trial evaluation. Afterwards, the IAF would conduct a staff evaluation and a contract negotiations committee would determine the lower cost bidder. Initial responses were due in early March. The point of contact is VD Eshwar, +91-11-23010231-7431. – J. Knowles LOCKHEED MARTIN LAUNCHES DRAGON ISR AIRCRAFT As part of an ongoing drive for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) market share, Lockheed Martin has used the Australian Avalon 2011 trade show to launch its Dragon family of airborne ISR solutions. Characterized by Lockheed officials as being sensor, payload and platform agnostic, Dragon applications take the form of flexible hardware and software architectures that are tailored to platform size and can range from podded solutions for use on unmanned aerial vehicles to roll-on/roll-off sensor suites for large fixed-wing transports such as the C-130 and the C-295. In all cases, the solution can be customized to meet specific end-user requirements. As discussed at Avalon and subsequently, the current Dragon family encompasses six named applications as follows: • Dragon Den™ – a ground processing station that supports Dragon airborne elements and can range in size from a desktop workstation to a multi-console arrangement with an integrated communications suite. • Dragon Scout™ – applicable to larger business jets such as the Gulfstream G550 and the Bombardier Global Express. • Dragon Shield™ – roll-on/roll-off or permanent applications for larger transport aircraft such as the Lockheed Martin C-130 and the Airbus Military C-295. • Dragon Star™ – applicable to mediumsized turboprop-powered aircraft and similarly sized Dassault, Gulfstream and Hawker Beechcraft business jets. • Dragon Stare™ – applicable to podded applications and to smaller jet and turboprop aircraft. • Net Dragon – a contractor owned/contractor operated solution for customers who want airborne ISR capability but do not wish to incur the cost of a complete system. Lockheed Martin further believes that its Dragon concept is suitable for paramilitary, civil and maritime patrol tasks in addition to conventional military ISR, and equipment types that can be included in a Dragon suite include COMINT and ELINT systems, radars, electrooptical imagers, wide area surveillance sensors, measurement intelligence sensors, the Automatic Identification System and pollution monitoring systems such as infra-red/ultra-violet linescanners. Communications support includes data and satellite links. In related news, Lockheed Martin has also integrated DRC ICAS LLC’s 20 to 3,000 MHz band ZS-4015 intercept and direction-finding system and Rockwell Collins’ 0.5 GHz to millimeter wave CS-3045 ELINT and electronic support package into its Gulfstream GIII-based Airborne Multi-intelligence Laboratory (AML) ISR testbed/demonstrator aircraft. JED understands that the company has had discussions with Morocco and unnamed potential customers in Europe and the Far East concerning the acquisition of an operational AML-type ISR platform. Such a system would form part of the new Dragon architecture. – M. Streetly IN BRIEF ❍ PLATH GmbH (Hamburg, Germany) has named Dipl.-Kfm. Hinrich Brüggmann as its second managing director reporting to president and CEO Dipl.-Kfm. Nico Scharfe. In the new management paradigm, Brüggmann will be responsible for operations (development, quality management, controlling and shares) and Scharfe will lead sales-related departments (sales, marketing, project management and services.) Brüggmann joined PLATH in 2006. ❍ ESL Defense Ltd. (Hamble, Southampton, UK), a subsidiary of AAI Corp. (Hunt Valley, MD), has been selected by Elettronica S.p.A. (Rome, Italy) to deliver a system that can characterize IR threat seekers for the Aeronautica Militare Italiana’s (AMI’s) IBOSEC Program. The IBOSEC system will be installed at the Experimental Flight Center within AMI’s Armament Department and will be used to optimize and validate countermeasures flares and DIRCM jamming codes. ❍ Chemring Group PLC of the UK and The Hinduja Group of India have announced that they are in discussions to establish a joint venture based in India to supply the country’s defense forces, including countermeasures flares and electronic warfare systems. According to a statement from Chemring, the joint venture is expected to commence operations this year on receipt of the required regulatory approvals. a 26 The Journal of Electronic Defense | April 2011

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