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association news AOC WELCOMES THE CHARLIE YANKEE ROOST Marines from the Marine Tactical Electronic Warfare community aboard MCAS Cherry Point in Havlock, North Carolina have established a new Roost. The Charlie Yankee (CY) Roost joins the Southern Chapter AOC community. The Charlie Yankee Roost represents the storied history of Marine Tactical Electronic Warfare from the early days of the Airborne Early Warning-Electronic Countermeasure (AEW-ECM) section of Marine Headquarters Squadron (Hedron-2) in the 1940s to present day Marine Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadrons (VMAQs) and on into the future of Marine Air-Ground Task Force Electronic Warfare (MAGTF EW). The objective of this chapter is to further the aims, purposes and programs of Electronic Warfare (EW) and to promote the exchange of ideas and information in the field of EW. The Charlie Yankee Roost will encourage original research, foster the dissemination of new knowledge, further the professional development of those engaged in related scientific, engineering, management and operational activities and to improve public understanding of the profession and its contribution, encourage education and stimulate and recognize outstanding professional accomplishments. A unique and rewarding aspect of the Charlie Yankee Roost is the building of its membership. By partnering with US Army Electronic Warfare (82nd Airborne, Fort Bragg, NC) and USMC Radio Battalion (II MEF, Camp Lejeune, NC) the Charlie Yankee Roost will skillfully address the on-going need for EW and Information Operations systems and capabilities in support of national security. The Charlie Yankee Roost held its inaugural dinner on March 9. In attendance were members of the VMAQ community, civilians in support of Marine Electronic Warfare, operational commanders, Commanding General of 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing, MAJGEN Davis, and Col Shorter, Commanding Officer of Marine Aircraft Group Fourteen. US Army representatives from the 82nd Airborne EW division, SSGTs Wade and Byers, were in attendance and expressed their sincere appreciation and pride at being part of the CY Roost stand up. The event Guest of Honor; Mr. Ron “Fog” Hahn, VP EW Strategies for URS, discussed the need for control and dominance of the EM spectrum and the challenges DOD and industry face now and in the future to gain knowledge, technology, and equipment to meet EW requirements across the range of military operations. Mr. Hahn applauded the stand up of CY Roost and the unique partnership established with Marine Aviation, MAGTF EW and US Army Integrated Electronic Warfare. The Charlie Yankee Roost takes great pride in its members and the Roost’s ability to focus on answering the call for dominance of the electromagnetic spectrum now and into the future. The Journal of Electronic Defense | April 2011 53 Left to Right: LtCol Cooper, MAG-14; Mr. Grffin CY Roost Treasurer, LtCol Caruso CY Roost President, SSGT Wade, 82nd Airborne EW, SSGT Byers, 82nd Airborne EW, Mr. Flannery, CY Vice President. Ron “Fog” Hahn discusses the importance of gaining and maintaining control of the EW spectrum at the inaugural Charlie Yankee Roost dinner.

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