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May 2009 • Vol. 32, No. 5 Cover photo courtesy Eurocopter. 4 The Journal of Electronic Defense | May 2009 News The Monitor 15 USAF to Maintain Prowler Support. Washington Report 24 SECDEF Offers FY10 Budget Review. World Report 26 Canada Selects Naval Decoy System. Departments Features Protecting Helicopters 6 The View From Here Calendar From the President Roost Profile EW 101 AOC News JED Sales Offices Index to Advertisers JED Quick Look 28 Marianne Kunkel and John Knowles Helicopters face an ugly array of threats, and they require a demanding list of self-protection capabilities. How is the helicopter community driving new thinking into the EW market? 8 12 52 53 55 57 57 58 Ground-Based COMINT Steps Up 42 Glenn Goodman and John Knowles Detect, identify, locate and listen. Ground commanders are looking to a new generation of ground-based COMINT systems to help build a complex intelligence picture.

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JED - May 2009
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Ground-Based COMINT Steps Up
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JED - May 2009