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new products DATA RECORDER The new Vortex VR-7310 3U VPX™ VPX™ P data recorder from Curtiss-Wright Controls Controls is a fully rugged conduction-cooled recording led d di engine featuring an on-board XMC/ expansion site, which can support a variety of I/O such as Serial Front Panel Data Port (sFPDP), Gigabit Ethernet (GbE), 10GbE and analog I/O, as well as FPGA processing. The VR-7310 includes eight external 6 Gbps SAS/SATA links that enable direct attachment to eight 1.8-in. or 2.5-in. drives deployed on disk carrier cards or Flash storage devices. The board’s AMCC 460SX CPU is supported with 2GB of DDR2 SDRAM memory for recording buffers. The VR-7310 enables system designers to integrate high-volume, streaming data recording in a compact package and can be used in a broad range of space, weight and powerconstrained critical applications in manned and unmanned ground, air and sea vehicles, including SIGINT, image processing, FLIR radar, sonar, RF tuners, MRI and cameras. Curtiss-Wright Corporation; Parsippany, NJ; SOFTWARE RADIO BOARD Pentek’s 3U VPX 5353 high-speed software radio board features four 200 MHz 16-bit A/Ds supported by a fourchannel installed digital downconverter and a complete set er of beamforming functions. Designed for processing baseband RF or IF signals from a communications receiver, it includes built-in multiboard synchronization and is an ideal tool for meeting the requirements of real-time software. Multiple 5353’s can be linked together through a built-in Xilinx Aurora interface, creating a board-to-board summation expansion chain for larger multichannel systems. Xilinx’s Aurora protocol is used to provide an efficient fourlane, 1.25 GB/sec point-to-point data path between boards. A unique fabric-transparent crossbar switch configuration adds gigabit serial data paths for Xilinx Aurora or Serial Rapid I/O applications. Pentek, Inc.; Upper Saddle River, NJ; MULTI-WAVELENGTH IR DETECTOR The Altair MWIR-MWIR is a new multiple wavelength IR detector for missile warning systems recently released by Sofradir. This IR sensor provides dual visibility in the 3-4 and 4-5 micron wavebands, allowing users to better identify objects, reducing the number of false threats identified. Altair also enables more accurate temperature measurement of targets and allows users to fuse or compare the image of both bandwidths to improve target identification, because the images will be naturally registered, meaning the two color dots that make up each pixel are able to simultaneously focus on a single location. Sofradir; Châtenay-Malabry, France; IF BANDWIDTH MINIATURE TUNER The AKON A20-MX164 is a 0.8-20 GHz pre-channelized microwave tuner featuring a 30 dB dynamic range expander and integrated input switch/limiter. It features an 8-channel filter bank preselector, which eliminates received image frequencies. The tuner is just 7.5 x 4.8 in. and features dual conversion steps to a fi nal IF output frequency of 1 GHz. Output bandwidth is selectable between 500 and 50 MHz and conversion gain is 5 dB, with dynamic range extending to -70 dBm, of which the fi rst 50 dB is spurious-free. The unit has an operating temperature range from -40 to 54 deg. C and is designed for operations in airborne military environments. AKON; San Jose, CA; 68 The Journal of Electronic Defense | May 2010 SUCCESSIVE DETECTION LOG VIDEO AMPLIFIER (SDLVA) Hittite Microwave Corporation recently released the HMC913LC4B Successive Detection Log i i Video Amplifier (SDLVA). Available in a compact 4 x 4 mm surface mount package, the HMC913LC4B operates over the 0.6-20 GHz frequency range and features RF limited input circuitry. This SDLVA is ideal for designers with space and power-constrained applications including EW and ELINT receivers, DF, radar, ECM, IFM systems and missile guidance systems. The HMC913LC4B is capable of processing RF pulses with amplitudes from -54 dBm to +5 dBm with less than 10 ns rise times and with only 25 ns of recovery time. It exhibits frequency fl atness of better than ±2 dB at -25 dBm input power, while logarithmic linearity is better than ±1 dB over the full -40 deg. to +85 deg. C operating temperature range and consumes only 290 mW from a single +3.3 V supply. Hittite Microwave Corporation; Chelmsford, MA; SURFACE-MOUNT SYNTHESIZER EM Research has launched the UPN7500, a programmable, high-frequency, surface-mount synthesizer designed to withstand shock and high-vibration environments. The UPN-7500 operates from rom o 5500 to 7500 MHz. and is designed to withstand up to 9.26 Grms random vibration and 30 Gs peak pulse of shock. The small, customizable units are ideal for applications involving software defined radios, EW, radar, airborne, satellite communication receivers and any other high vibration environments. The synthesizer features 5 MHz step size, more than 200 μsec settling time at any frequency step, 125 MHz external reference, +3 dBm output power, and low phase noise. The unit typically consumes 115 mA of power and can perform extended operations at a temperature range of -45 deg. to +85 deg. C. EM Research, Inc.; Reno, NV; a

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