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washing t on repor t DOD RELEASES SMALL BUSINESS SOLICITATION The DOD has “pre-released” its spring Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) solicitation, and topics include several EW and signals intelligence (SIGINT) projects for the US Navy and US Air Force. or near term development of emerging technologies to achieve substantial improvement in NIR transmission of HEL beams in maritime environments.” Technical points of contact are Jeffrey Bohn, (202) 781-5053, e-mail, and David Kiel, (202) 781-3775, e-mail US Navy With topic N112-089, “Mid-Infrared Fiber Coupler for Multiband Infrared Countermeasure (IRCM) Lasers,” the US Navy is seeking to develop a mid-IR laser for use in next generation IRCM systems, which require “greater output power and wavelength range through a fiber than presently available in order to counter advancing threat technologies.” The Navy seeks a fiber coupler system with the capability to “combine powers of up to 100 Watts and have low insertion losses less than 5 percent (-0.2dB) and maintain or improve beam quality.” Technical points of contact can be reached at (401) 832-6887 or (301) 342-0060. Topic N112-126, “Master Clock Vibration-Isolation Technology Improvements for Aircraft Avionics,” seeks to reduce the vibration-related noise encountered by the crystal oscillator that serves as the “master clock” reference source for communications intelligence (COMINT) and electronics intelligence (ELINT) systems. “Creating a novel vibration-isolation solution will reap overall system performance benefits throughout all avionics on the aircraft that use master clock reference signals, including radars, jammers, countermeasures and so on.” Technical points of contact can be reached at (301) 757-7882 or (401) 832-6887. The Navy is also seeking to develop affordable aperture-level cold plate thermal management concepts to handle the heat dissipation from high power EW systems and radars that use Gallium Nitride (GaN) power amplifiers and associated electronics. Topic N112-139, “Radar/EW Aperture Cold Plate Innovation for Increased Thermal Performance,” notes that wideband RF electronics subassemblies using multiple GaN power amplifiers require the removal of increasing amounts of heat. The Navy is seeking “innovative modular cold plate design/manufacturing approaches with significantly improved performance that will be scalable, more affordable and capable of higher power density.” The technical points of contact are Charles Pagel, (812) 854-2382, e-mail, and Jeffery Walton, (812) 854-6985, e-mail The final Navy item, topic 112-140, “Atmospheric Aerosol Mitigation for High Energy Laser Propagation,” notes that high energy laser (HEL) systems in the near IR (NIR) optical bandwidth “typically suffer from absorption and scattering losses due to water vapor content found in maritime environments,” leading to reduced transmission efficiency between the laser and target. The Navy is seeking novel electromagnetic technologies using “either continuous wave (CW) through ultra short pulse (USP) technologies or a combination of said technologies to mitigate the impact of aerosol laden beam paths is desired employing either current technologies US Air Force With topic AF112-132, “Integrated or Fused Multi-spectral Sensor Technologies for Missile Warning Sensors (MWS), Hostile Fire Indication (HFI), and Laser Warning (LW), the US Air Force is working to find new concepts for sensor fusion. Noting the limitations of IR sensor technologies for HFI, as well as the difficulty in platform integration, given the number of independent systems, the solicitation seeks a high reliability, low-cost single sensor package that can be integrated onto various types of aircraft, from UAVs to transports. The technical point of contact is John McCalmont, (937) 528-8805, e-mail Topic AF112-134, “Tracking Algorithms for Multi-Static Passive Radar Systems,” seeks to “identify and define innovative techniques and algorithms for multi-static passive radar systems to generate tracks of detected aircraft and to fuse tracks from multiple receivers.” Specifically, the Air Force is looking for techniques and algorithms to “generate tracks for aircraft detected from a single passive receiver,” as well as for algorithms that will fuse the data from each receiver to form a single integrated track file. The technical point of contact is Richard Smith, (937) 528-8261, e-mail “Hardware Based Broadband Ultra High-speed Digital Signal Processor,” topic AF-112-142, seeks to develop “a broadband ultra high-speed signal processor for real time digital signal streams representing broadband RF spectrum captures at greater than 10 GSPS for countermeasures applications.” The technical point of contact is Seng Hong, (937) 528-8726, e-mail With topic AF112-145, “High Resolution Wide Band Direct Conversion Receiver,” the Air Force seeks to develop and demonstrate a prototype of a high resolution, high bandwidth direct conversion receiver that is capable of continuous operation in a dense signal environment across a wide frequency range. The technical point of contact is Louis Chan, (937) 528-8678, e-mail The final Air Force item, AF112-152, “Navigation Warfare (NAVWAR) Compatible Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver for resource limited applications,” seeks design and demonstration of “a small SWAP-C NAVWAR compatible GPS receiver that incorporates protection technology against blue force electronic attack (BFEA) and enemy jamming, as well as providing situational awareness of the radio frequency (RF) environment.” The technical point of contact is Dana Howell, (937) 255-5579, e-mail Proposals will be accepted beginning May 26 and are due by June 28. More information is available at the SBIR website, – JED Staff a 26 The Journal of Electronic Defense | May 2011

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