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June 2010 • Volume 33, Issue 6 4 The Journal of Electronic Defense | June 2010 News The Monitor 15 Marines Get Upgraded Prowlers. Washington Report 22 Defining Future EW Operations. World Report 24 RAF Nimrod R1 Deployed to Afghanistan. AOC Election Guide 49 Your guide to candidates for open seats in next month’s election for the AOC Board of Directors. Guide includes candidate profiles and voting instructions. Departments 6 8 The View From Here Calendar From the President EW 101 JED Sales Offices Index of Advertisers JED Quick Look Features Man-Portable COMINT Glenn Goodman 30 12 44 57 57 58 The prevalence of low-power communications systems on today’s battlefield is driving requirements for small, networked man-portable COMINT systems that can operate among the ground units they are supporting. Technology Profile: RF Interconnect Solutions Barry Manz 38 Cover photo courtesy US Marine Corps. When coaxial cable began replacing waveguides, it enabled significant design improvements in EW systems. Is RF-overfiber technology about to usher in a new “RF interconnect revolution?”

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JED - June 2010
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JED - June 2010