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the view f ro m h e re CHANGING OF THE jUNE 2010 • Vol. 33, No. 6 EDITORIAL STAFF Editor: John Knowles Managing Editor: Elaine Richardson Senior Editor: Glenn Goodman Assistant Editor: Jon Pasierb Technical Editor: Ollie Holt Contributing Writers: Dave Adamy, Barry Manz, Luca Perruzzi Marketing & Research Coordinator: Allie Hansen Sales Administration: Esther Biggs 6 The Journal of Electronic Defense | June 2010 GUARD O EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD Mr. Tom Arseneault President, Electronic Solutions, BAE Systems Mr. Roy Azevedo Vice President, Advanced Concepts and Technology, Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems Mr. Chris Bernhardt President, ITT Electronic Systems Maj Gen Bruno Berthet Deputy Director for International Development, DGA, French MOD Mr. Pierre-Yves Chaltiel Senior Vice President, Solutions for the Government Sector, Thales Aerospace Lt Col Dean Ebert Warfighter Integration, Aviation Weapons Requirements Branch, HQ USMC Mr. Gabriele Gambarara General Manager, Elettronica S.p.A. Mr. Tony Grieco Former Deputy for Electronic Warfare, OSD Mr. Itzchak Gat CEO, Elisra CAPT John Green Commander, EA-6B Program Office (PMA-234), NAVAIR, USN Mr. Ron Hahn Deputy Director, Joint EW Center, US Strategic Command Mr. Micael Johansson Senior Vice President and Head of Business Area, Electronic Defence Systems, Saab Mr. Anthony Lisuzzo Director, Intelligence and Information Warfare Directorate, CERDEC, USA CAPT Paul Overstreet Commander, ATAPS Program Office (PMA-272), NAVAIR, USN Rep. Joe Pitts (Honorary Member) US Congress, Founding Member, EW Working Group Mr. Kerry Rowe President and COO, Argon ST Wg Cdr P.J. Wallace Commander, RAF Spadeadam Mr. Richard Wittstruck Chief Engineer, PEO Intelligence, Electronic Warfare and Sensors, USA Mr. Walter Wolf Chairman, JED Committee, AOC ver the past few years, the electronic warfare (EW) mission area has been undergoing some dynamic changes. Land EW has assumed a position of major importance. Airborne infrared countermeasures have become a critical concern. Senior military leaders in many countries are engaging with the EW community, and they are beginning to perceive EW and spectrum control in a strategic context. Certainly, the catalyst for many of these and other changes has been ongoing operations in Afghanistan and Iraq and the Global War on Terror, in general. But our community has also been very well served by several key EW leaders (both military and civilian) who have done a remarkable job of shaping and promoting new EW concepts, building organizations and developing human networks to respond to these changes. Along the way, they have defended EW against encroachment from other mission areas, such as Cyber, and ensured that EW won the political knife-fights that are a part of any government bureaucracy. As far as EW is concerned, these were the right people in the right place at the right time. The result is that EW today is on the verge of entering a new era in its history, one in which new organizations may emerge, and one in which EW is pulled together (rather than balkanized) and properly resourced in peacetime, as well as in wartime. Over the past several months, many of the leaders in our community who helped EW to reach this point have moved on to new jobs and positions, mostly within industry. They should be very proud of what has been achieved, so far. At the same time, I look forward to an emerging group of new EW leaders who must continue to develop EW concepts, engage new military leaders and build EW organizations. They will become the advocates for a highly energized EW community. As with any community, EW must find ways to consolidate its successes and continue to build on them for the future. Some of that will come from its organizational and operational leaders. But at the same time, all of us in the EW community must be part of that effort by doing what we can to foster informed debate about EW concepts, policies, equipment and organizational structures and to help ensure that EW resourcing is commensurate with its critical importance to US and allied military operations in the future. – John Knowles PRODUCTION STAFF Layout & Design: Barry Senyk Advertising Art: Carrie Marsh Contact the Editor: (978) 509-1450, Contact the Sales Manager: (800) 369-6220, ext. 3407, or (352) 333-3407 Subscription Information: Please contact Glorianne O’Neilin at (703) 549-1600 or e-mail The Journal of Electronic Defense is published for the AOC by Naylor, LLC 5950 NW 1st Place Gainesville, FL 32607 Phone: (800) 369-6220 • Fax: (352) 331-3525 ©2010 Association of Old Crows/Naylor, LLC. All rights reserved. The contents of this publication may not be reproduced by any means, in whole or in part, without the prior written authorization of the publisher. Editorial: The articles and editorials appearing in this magazine do not represent an official AOC position, except for the official notices printed in the “Association News” section or unless specifically identified as an AOC position. PUBLISHED JUNE 2010/JED-M0610/4233

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