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washington report HASC PASSES FY10 DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION Last month, the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) passed its version of the FY10 Defense Authorization Bill. A notable addition to this year’s bill was an electronic warfare (EW) amendment that requires the DOD to submit an annual report outlining its EW strategy. The text of the amendment requires the annual report to include a list of all EW acquisition programs and research and development projects along with a description of how each supports the DOD’s EW strategy. In addition, the report must include the following: • Whether or not validated requirements exist for each program and if so, the date on which the requirements were validated and by which authority. • The total amount of funding appropriated, obligated and forecasted for the program. • The development or procurement schedule. • An assessment of the cost, schedule and performance of the program as relates to the current baseline and the original, if the baselines aren’t the same. • The technology readiness level of each critical technology in the program. • Whether or not the program or project is redundant or overlaps with the efforts of another military department. • What capability gap the program or project is being developed or procured to fill. US Reps Joe Pitts (R-PA) and Rick Larsen, (D-WA), co-chairmen of the Electronic Warfare Working Group (EWWG) both lauded the HASC’s decision. “We have learned time and time again that EW saves lives. We need to develop the right technology; train our troops to use the capability; field the capability quickly; operate jointly; and stay ahead of the curve.” Pitts said in a statement. “To stay ahead of the curve, we need a plan. We need a strategy. And Congress needs to know and understand how the Defense Department is ensuring the future of our EW capability.” Rep. Larsen said in the same statement: “The Navy, Army, Air Force and Marines all engage in Electronic Warfare in some form. This capability plays a more important role than ever in keeping the men and women in our military safe. That is why the Department of Defense needs a comprehensive and unified strategy to control the electromagnetic spectrum, and Congress needs to know what this strategy is. “I thank my colleague, Rep. Pitts, for his leadership on electronic warfare, and my colleagues on the Armed Services Committee, in particular and Reps. Akin, Nye and Wittman for cosponsoring this amendment to strengthen our electronic warfare capabilities across the Armed Services.” Other notable EW items in the HASC defense bill include: • Noting concern about extending the service life of the existing F/A-18A-D aircraft, the committee mentioned its expectation for the Navy to enter into multi-year procurement on the F/A18E/F and EA-18G. • $127.7 million for the F/A-18E/F, including an increase of $108 million for advance procurement of items that would be used to build aircraft beyond FY10. • An increase of $56 million for support items associated with the EA-18G. • $6 billion for 28 F-35s, a reduction from the budget request of one aircraft each for the Air Force and Navy, but twice the number authorized in FY09. The total covers 15 F-35Bs for the Marine Corps, four F-35Cs for the Navy and nine F-35As for the Air Force. • An increase of $369 million for advance procurement of 12 F-22s in FY11. Overall reduction of $338 million for F-22 modifications due to the fact that after FY09 money was budgeted for advance procurement of 20 aircraft the Air Force changed its procurement to four. • $100 million, a reduction of $327 million, for termination of the Future Combat System (FCS) Manned Ground Vehicle Program. • An increase of $100 million for surface ships, including multi-year procurement authority and construction of one DDG-51 class warship. – E. Richardson a 24 The Journal of Electronic Defense | July 2009

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