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JED Details quick look Page # Details Page # Naval Sea Systems Command, RFP for upgrades to SLQ-32(V) 15 Northrop Grumman, ASIP Objective Performance Incentive 23 Northrop Grumman, BAMS moves forward 24 Northrop Grumman, jammers for ROK F-15Ks 26 Northrop Grumman, Warfighter’s Tactical SIGINT Resource program 17 ONR, Northrop Grumman contract for SIGINT sensor payload 17 Raytheon, MALD contract 23 Raytheon, RWR components for Canadian and Swiss F/A-18s 26 Rep. Joe Pitts (PA-16), EWWG 24 Rep. Rick Larsen (WA-02), EWWG 24 Rohde & Schwarz, RF signal generator 46 ROKAF, buys jammers for F-15Ks 26 RUAG Aerospace, MISSIM simulator 46 Spectrum Control, EW and 30 Spectrum Microwave, broadband power amplifiers 46 Surface EW Improvement Program (SEWIP) 15 Syracuse Research, Sensor Beam program support for USAF’s 453rd EW Squadron 23 Teledyne, acquisition of Filtronic’s defense electronics unit 26 UK, improvements to air-land EW integration 26 US Air Force, solicitation for fiber-optic towed decoy 22 US Army, RFP for Prophet Enhanced follow-on to Prophet SIGINT system 19 US Congress, perspective on future of EW 24 US Government Accountability Office, Lockheed Martin protest of Navy’s BAMS UAV selection 24 US Marine Corps, RFI to industry for CREW upgrades 16 US Navy, EP-3 Aries II 41 US Navy, pre-solicitation for EP-X SIGINT program preparations 17 Wg Cdr PJ Wallace, RAF 26 xwave, defense business unit acquired by CAE 27 Air Force Research Lab, Distributed ES/ EA Techniques 18 Allen-Vanguard, Symphony jammer components for Lockheed Martin 26 Alliant Techsystems, international AAR-47 users conference 27 Alliant Techsystems, successful testing of AARGMs by US Navy and Italian Air Force 22 Alliant Techsystems, teamed with BAE Systems for JATAS program 22 AOC, “Electronic Warfare: The Changing Face of Combat” report 24 AOC, election results 49 Army Research Lab, IED detection technologies 20 Australia, F/A-18 Hornets and EW systems 27 BAE Systems, teamed with Alliant Techsystems for JATAS program 22 Boeing, laser weapon system for US Army 23 Cobham Defense Electronic Systems, L-band blade antenna 46 Communications EW – Part 16 47 Comtech PST, amplifier contract for jammers 23 54 The Journal of Electronic Defense | September 2008 Cyberspace, why EW is not part of 38 DOD, FY08 Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) solicitation 20 DSPCon, wideband data recorder 46 Electronic Warfare Working Group (EWWG) 24 EP-3 Aries II, ongoing SIGINT role of 41 Filtronic, defense electronics unit acquired by Teledyne 26 Information Systems Laboratories, ELINT contract 22 Iraq, request to US for C-130Js and EW systems 27 Israel, request to US for C-130Js and EW systems 27 Joint EW, the future of 35 Lockheed Martin, protest of Navy’s BAMS UAV selection denied 24 Nallatech, analog I/O module 46 Naval Air Systems Command, RFP to commercial air services for EW training equipment 21 Naval Research Laboratory, solicitation for EW engineering and technical support 23 Naval Sea Systems Command, contract to ITT for CREW jammers 22 With more than 50 years of electronic warfare experience, BAE SYSTEMS is pleased to sponsor the JED QuickLook.

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