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message f ro m the p re s i d e nt Association of Old Crows 1000 North Payne Street, Suite 300 Alexandria, VA 22314-1652 Phone: (703) 549-1600 Fax: (703) 549-2589 PRESIDENT Kermit Quick VICE PRESIDENT Christopher Glaze SECRETARY Judith Westerheide TREASURER Kenneth Parks AT LARGE DIRECTORS Matthew Smith-Meck CDR Scott Martin, USN Linda Palmer Richard Morgan David Hime Kenneth Parks Michael “Mick” Riley William “Buck” Clemons Steven Umbaugh REGIONAL DIRECTORS Central: Judith Westerheide Northeastern: Nino Amoroso Mountain-Western: Lt Col Jesse “Judge” Bourque, Joint EW Center Mid-Atlantic: Harvey Dahljelm International I: Col René Kaenzig, Swiss Air Force International II: Gerry Whitford Northern Pacific: Joe “JJ” Johnson Southern Pacific: Vince Battaglia APPOINTED DIRECTORS Mary Ann Tyszko Robert Giesler IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT Walter Wolf AOC STAFF Don Richetti Executive Director Norman Balchunas Director, Operations Carole H. Vann Director, Administration Shelley Frost Director, Meeting Services Ken Miller Director, Government, Industry & Public Relations Kent Barker Director, Conferences Glorianne O’Neilin Director, Membership Operations Joel Harding Director, Education Stew Taylor Director, Marketing Jackie Kelly Manager, Meeting Services Tanya Miller Membership Services Jennifer Bahler Registrar Justin O’Neilin IT Manager CONSOLIDATING OUR GAINS 12 The Journal of Electronic Defense | September 2009 T he EW community has made some outstanding technology advances over the past several years that have significantly aided our warfighter’s ability to take the fight to the enemy. I am proud of our Association and its members’ role in those accomplishments, especially in protecting ground forces against IEDs and aircrews against IR-guided MANPADS. Senior defense leaders around the world are once again recognizing the value of EW as a force multiplier, and support for EW programs is exceptionally strong at the moment. All of these certainly are positive developments for EW. However, we in the Association cannot sit back and pat ourselves on the back, as there are many underlying issues that continue to haunt the EW community. It would be imprudent to ignore these underlying issues simply because EW program budgets are relatively healthy at the moment. Our community still has much to accomplish in order to truly strengthen our discipline and ensure it does not slip backwards. Among areas where we need to concentrate our efforts are: EW Leadership. Unfortunately, the rank of O-6 (or OF-5 in NATO terms) represents the apex of the EW career field. This often means that informed and consistent “EW advocacy” is reduced to a guarded anticipation that field-grade EW officers can successfully influence flag-rank officers, who are typically not well schooled in EW or spectrum control. EW needs to be led by flag-rank officers in every service who have come “up through the EW ranks” and who are empowered to manage EW requirements, programs and operations. Training. Simply put, we need to begin to train the same way we intend to fight in the electromagnetic spectrum. If the combatant commander does not think seriously about spectrum control before his forces are deployed, then it is too late. Realistic training requires a realistic electromagnetic environment. Science and Technology Investment. With more investment in EW science and technology programs, EW can deliver better electronic support, electronic protect and electronic attack capabilities that are more affordable than today’s solutions. Without these new EW technologies, we cannot expect to control the spectrum in future operations. I acknowledge that there are many more issues that need to be addressed in order to strengthen our discipline, and I strongly encourage you to raise those issues within your organizations and within our larger community by writing to the Journal of Electronic Defense. This Association has a wealth of experience and we should not be shy about raising our voices to gain the attention of those who make decisions about the future of EW. Next month I end my term as AOC President. However, I hope you will stand with others and with me as we continue to advocate for our discipline and ensure that this Association is doing its utmost to support our warriors today and in the future. – Kermit Quick

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