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a ssociation news AOC ELECTION RESULTS PRESIDENT-ELECT Walter E. Wolf The July AOC Election elected new officers for AOC President and the AOC Board of Directors. Of the 12,033 eligible voters, 1,263 voted for a turnout of 10.5 percent. Most positions will begin in October 2009. The new AOC President begins his term in October 2010. The Journal of Electronic Defense | September 2009 AOC Clarifies AF Times Article Quote In a recent Air Force Times article (August 16) entitled “Electronic Warfare in Transition,” the Association of Old Crows (AOC) was quoted as saying, “The Air Force’s Compass Calls are not combat aircraft, so they do not carry High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missiles and cannot fly as low as Prowlers and Growlers for aggressive electronic attack.” The AOC recognizes that this is an inaccurate statement that was the result of a miscommunication with the reporter. The quote was taken from a discussion about the capabilities, roles, and missions, of EW assets in each military service, and does not reflect AOC’s understanding of, or support for, electronic warfare, and the EC-130 Compass Call and its warfighter community. The AOC wants to clarify that the Compass Call is a very capable combat weapon system, and it is one of the most highly tasked aircraft in the US Air Force inventory. Compass Call squadrons have been deployed almost continuously in Afghanistan and Iraq since the beginning of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Their mission is to help control the electromagnetic spectrum in combat to ensure mission success of our joint forces. While the EC-130H platforms are aging, the weapons system is constantly being modernized. The AOC strongly supports the Compass Call community, and we are active in educating academia and government leaders on the important role of such key weapon platforms in current and future operations. a 49 CENTRAL REGION Judith Westerheide MID-ATLANTIC REGION William “Bill” Tanner PACIFIC REGION Joseph “JJ” Johnson AT-LARGE Cliff Moody AT-LARGE Linda Palmer AT-LARGE Paul “PJ” Westcott

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