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JED Details quick look Page # Details Page # LTC James Ross, US Army 20 MDBA, Spectra EW suite for Rafale 26 NAVAIR, EP-X AoA 22 Next Generation Jammer 17 Northrop Grumman, AAR-54 MWS 32 Northrop Grumman, AAQ-24 LAIRCM 34 Northrop Grumman, DRICM for Marine Corps’ CH-53Es 31 Northrop Grumman, Guardian Laser Transmitter 34 Precision EW (PREW) 15 Prophet Enhanced signals-intelligence system 17 Rafale, Brazilian fighter jet competition 26 Raytheon, ALE-50 for Super Hornet 26 Raytheon, ALR-67(V)3 for Super Hornet 26 Rosoboronexport, chemical laser for MANTA 36 Science Applications International Corp, DARPA RF signal contract 22 Selex Galileo, pointer-tracker jam heads 34 Sierra Nevada Corp, NAVSEA JCREW contract 22 Suite of Integrated IRCM (SIIRCM) 34 Symetrics, ALE-47 32 TCI International, test of radio intercept and DF for Brazil 26 Terma, AAR-54 and AAQ-24 integration 34 Terma, EWMS for Canadian Chinooks 26 Terma, Modular Countermeasures Pod 34 Thales, Multi-Color IR Alerting Sensor (MIRAS) 34 Thales, Spectra EW suite for Rafale 26 Thales, Vigile system bid for Australian AWD 26 Threat test resource gap 39 Threats to Large Aircraft 30 United Arab Emirates, systems purchase for Apaches 26 US Air Force, AAQ-24 LAIRCM 34 US Army, Advanced Threat Infrared Countermeasures System (ATIRCM) 34 US Army, DIRCM for large helicopters 31 US Army, Prophet Enhanced vehicle 17 US House, FY10 Defense Authorization 24 US Marine Corps, DIRCM for large helicopters 31 US Navy, Next Generation Jammer BAA 17 US Navy, VAQ-132 15 A400M transport program 34 Advanced Situational Awareness and Countermeasures (ASACM) program 36 AeroMech Engineering, Inc., unmanned EA test 22 AFEWES, FY 10 Defense spending 24 AOC Election results 49 AOC on IO 50 ATK, AAR-47 32 Australia, EW system for Air Warfare Destroyers 26 BAE Systems, AAR-57 CMWS 32 BAE Systems, ALE-47 32 BAE Systems, ATIRCM 34 BAE Systems, Improved Countermeasure Dispenser (ICMD) 32 Boeing, Canadian Chinooks 26 Boeing, F/A-E/F Super Hornet for Brazilian fighter competition 26 Brazil, fighter jet competition 26 Chesapeake Technology International Corp, unmanned EA test 22 Chinook Aircraft Survivability Equipment (CHASE) 34 Communications EW - Part 28 45 DARPA, BAA for Precision EW (PREW) 15 EA-18G, service begins 15 EADS, AAR-60 MWS 32 The Journal of Electronic Defense | September 2009 54 EADS, Multi-Color IR Alerting Sensor (MIRAS) 34 Egypt, CH-47 purchase 26 Elbit, MUSIC DIRCM 34 Elettronica, MUSIC DIRCM 34 Elisra, NS9003A bid for Australian AWD 26 Elisra, Passive Missile Approach Warning System (PAWS) 32 EP-X, Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) 20 Gripen, Brazilian fighter jet competition 26 India, fighter jet competition flight trials 26 Indra, ALR-400 34 Indra, MANTA DIRCM for A400M 36 Indra, SLQ-380 bid for Australian AWD 26 ITT, ALQ-214 for Super Hornet 26 ITT, CS-3701 ESM system bid for Australian AWD 26 Jamming chirp signals 45 Joint Allied Threat Awareness System (JATAS) 32 KOR, simulator contract 22 LAIRCM, phase II 32 Large Aircraft IR Countermeasures (LAIRCM) 31 With more than 50 years of electronic warfare experience, BAE SYSTEMS is pleased to sponsor the JED Quick Look.

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