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c ale ndar SEPTEMBER c o u r s e s & s e m i n a r s OCTOBER System Architecture and Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE) October 4-7 Alexandria, VA Principles of Radar Electronic Protection October 11-14 Atlanta, GA Electromagentic Environmental Effects and Spectrum Supportability for Program Managers October 13 Fairfax, VA Survey of EW and Cyber Applications September 11-12 Maritime Institute, Linthicum Heights, MD Digital RF Memory Technology September 20-22 Atlanta, GA Basic RF Electronic Warfare Concepts September 20-22 Atlanta, GA Fundamentals of TEMPEST Security September 20-22 Fairfax, VA ELINT and Modern Signals Course September 20-23 Alexandria, VA Advanced RF EW Principles September 26-30 Atlanta, GA 10 The Journal of Electronic Defense | September 2011 We’ve condensed a l l t h e p owe r, performance and function of our rack-mounted amplifier systems into a highly NOVEMBER Electronic Warfare Update November 8-11 Washington, DC Intelligence Support for Spectrum Operations November 10-11 Washington, DC Survey of Electromagnetic Battle Control Applications November 12-13 Washington, DC Effectiveness Evaluation of Electronic Self Protection November 12-13 Washington, DC Introduction to High-Energy Lasers November 14 La Jolla, CA Intorduction to High-Power Microwaves November 14 La Jolla, CA Integration of EA and Cyber Attack November 15 Washington, DC Modeling and Simulation November 17-18 Washington, DC Survey of EW Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Applications and Payloads November 17-18 Washington, DC IR Countermeasures November 29-December 2 Atlanta, GA a AOC courses are noted in red. For more info or to register, visit compact package Comtech, the industry’s leader for solid state, broadband, high power amplifier systems, offers a new line of compact integrated systems for frequencies up to 6 GHz and beyond. These systems combine RF and microwave components, such as LNAs, High Power Switches, Limiters, Directional Couplers, and Detectors, into a highly compact package. These units can be configured to your Model BME25869-35 2500-6000MHz 35 Watt Power Amplifier System exact needs and are ideally suited for many defense applications. Contact us today with your requirements and specs...we’ll meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Comtech...Simply More. 491551_Comtech.indd 1 8/23/10 8:31:03 AM

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