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the monitor news 16 The Journal of Electronic Defense | September 2011 US ARMY BRIEFS IEWS PLANS The US Army has provided more details about its upcoming Integrated EW System (IEWS) program. Speaking at the Lexington Institute’s Electronic Attack Conference in Washington, DC, in late July, MAJ Richard Savageau of the Army Headquarters EW Division outlined the IEWS strategy, which calls for three increments. Under IEWS Increment 1, the Army will develop a multifunction EW system in four variants for vehicle, manpack, fixed-site and airborne applications. It will also address defense electronic at- tack in the form of a Duke Technical Insertion and dismounted electronic attack (EA). This increment also calls for development of an EW battle management capability, which will be a distributed, networked capability aligned with fires. Another initiative of this increment will focus on an EW planning tool that can be used by the newly-formed EW “cells” operating within each Army unit to plan, coordinate and manage EW operations. During Increment 2, the Army will conduct an analysis of alternatives to determine the follow-on to the Duke IED jammer. This phase also calls for migrating IEWS technology, such as advanced jamming techniques and rapid and automatic reprogramming, into IED jammers. Finally, this increment will introduce directed energy capabilities, such as high-power microwave systems, into IEWS for attacking targets such as IEDs, UAV datalinks and vehicle electronics. Finally, Increment 3 will provide add new Directed energy weapons, support full spectrum EW battle management and advanced automatic reprogramming. Major Savageau said the challenge of the integrated system “will be more

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