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Editor’s Note For the past year, US Strategic Command has been developing a new concept known informally as Electromagnetic Spectrum Warfare (EMSW). EMSW differs from electronic warfare (EW) as described in joint doctrine. It builds on the foundation of EW (electronic support, electronic attack and electronic protect) and adds more EMS-related roles and functions. For example, EMSW addresses the role of frequency management or EM Spectrum Management (EMSM), and it introduces the role of EM Battle Control (EMBC). One of the major factors driving the DOD’s push into establishing EMSW is the growing concern among combatant commanders that the DOD as a whole needs to recognize the importance of the EM Spectrum in today’s operations. The US and other countries are creating net-centric fighting forces, but they continue to treat the medium upon which those forces depend – the EMS – as a freely available and unlimited resource. This is an incorrect and outdated assumption that will lead to serious mission failures in future military operations. The DOD leadership has recognized this problem and it is exploring how to better organize, train and equip to achieve EMS Control in the battlespace via the fused efforts of EMSW and EMSM, under direct operational leadership. DOD leaders have made it clear that current EW terminology is not sufficient to describe the concepts, functions, and requirements of EMSW. Gen James Cartwright, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Chairman of the Joint Requirements Oversight Council, has stated quite clearly that he wants a lexicon change to be part of the DOD’s push into warfare for control of the Spectrum. The following article concisely discusses the foundation and structure of EMSW and recommends a set of working terms from which we can begin to develop a new lexicon that works both within the EW community and communicates EMSW effectively to leaders and organizations outside the community. It is essential, when reading the following article, to avoid focusing too much on the proposed terms of EMSW, because these terms may change. It is far more important to understand and digest the concepts and intentions behind those terms. These are the ideas that are driving EW into the larger more strategic arena of EMSW, and these are the enduring concepts and realizations defining the future of our EW, or should I say Spectrum Warfare, community. – John Knowles 82 The Journal of Electronic Defense | October 2010

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JED - October 2010
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JED - October 2010