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c ale ndar OCTOBER c o u r s e s & s e m i n a r s NOVEMBER Military Electronic Warfare November 5-9 Swindon, Oxfordshire, UK System Architecture and Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE) November 6-9 Alexandria, VA Survivability November 19-30 Swindon, Oxfordshire, UK Survey of EM Battle Management Applications November 26 Fort Walton Beach, FL Advanced RF EW Principles October 1-5 Atlanta, GA Electro-Optics and Infrared Sensors October 1-5 Swindon, Oxfordshire, UK ELINT and Modern Signals October 9-12 Alexandria, VA Principles of Radar Electronic Protection October 9-12 Atlanta, GA Survey of EM Battle Management Applications October 15 Honolulu, HI Survey of EW and Cyber Applications October 18 Honolulu, HI Soar with the highest power density solid state RF amplifiers available. Infrared Countermeasures November 27-30 Atlanta, GA DECEMBER Essentials of 21st Century Electronic Warfare December 4-7 Alexandria, VA 10 The Journal of Electronic Defense | October 2012 JANUARY Radar Electronic Warfare January 7-11 Swindon, Oxfordshire, UK Model BME2969-200 BME2969 200 2–6GHz, 200 Watts* Solid State Power Amp Module Highest Power Density to Footprint Ratio High Efficiency Over the Entire Bandwidth RF Input/Output Sample Ports Internal DC to DC Converters Optional T/R Switch Available Maintains Output Power with Real-World Load Conditions *300 Watts Coming Soon! Comtech’s latest development expands on its proven innovative integrated GaN RF Power Amplifier designs by further increasing the RF power density, while improving overall operating efficiency. These highly integrated designs are ideal for use in communication, electronic warfare, and radar transmitter systems where space, cooling, and power are limited. Applications include ground, surface, and airborne platforms. Contact us today with your requirements and specs...we’ll meet your needs and exceed your expectations. MARCH Modeling & Simulation of RF Electronic Warfare Systems March 19-22 Atlanta, GA APRIL Basic RF Electronic Warfare Concepts April 16-18 Atlanta, GA Digital Radio Frequency Memory (DRFM) Technology April 16-18 Aurora, CO Directed Infrared Countermeasures: Technology, Modeling and Testing April 16-18 Atlanta, GA a Comtech...Simply More. AOC courses are noted in red. For more info or to register, visit 601971_Comtech.indd 1 8/22/12 2:32:12 PM

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