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letters fro m o u r re ade r s JED welcomes and publishes letters to the editor when we’re lucky enough to receive them. Please send letters to John Knowles, or to CYBERSPACE MUST BECOME PART OF EW Let me first say to Lt Col Fischer, excellent piece of prose (“EW, the EMS Domain and Air Superiority,” JED, September ember 2010). I couldn’t agree more. EMS as a domain is a concept ncept whose time is here. As many EWOs in his generation (one removed from mine), ine), he survived the fights against attempted Intelligence takeakeover of EW, attempted IO takeover of EW, and the latest att tempted Cyber takeover of EW. And therefore, the article icle comes off as a bit cynical and makes the same mistake that hat I’ve seen repeated over the last few years in trying to sepaparate EW from anything that smacks of cyber. For that, my generation and the succeeding generations thank you all for the sacrifices to careers, deployments and establishing ng a proud heritage of Electronic Warfare that we joined anyywhere from weeks ago to a decade ago. For a truly “Mitchell-esque” coup to take place, however, EW must absorb Cyberspace as one component of the e greater Electronic Warfare service. The history lesson he states in the article is good, but incomplete. EW as a legitimate warfighting service started when telegraph cable was laid for the first time, allowing for DC power over a medium to transmit relevant messages to and from the front of conflict. Think all the way back to the Civil War, where telegraph wires were intercepted by rebel and Yankee soldiers, spurious command messages were sent and then they were cut, sowing confusion and distrust among the opposing side. (Dupuy). When Marconi came up with his little invention, that medium became the EMS as we think of it today, and as early as the late 1890s, the US Navy (and other navies for that matter) were employing ES and EA techniques against each other (Price). Arguably, Electronic bly, WARFARE has existed LONGER than air warfare, and has a more storied and checkered past. past What fires me up about this article is that he supposes EMS as a supporting function for everything else, and not as what it is – a warfighting domain meant to target the cognitive abilities and facilities of our enemies. EMS is simply one descriptor of a medium through which warfare takes place – Electronic WARFARE is a proven and separate component of warfare, and has been since man started employing DC power through wires to transmit commands and information. Cyberspace is just one of many descriptors for individuals without the full capacity to appreciate Electronic Warfare. Truly, we should be discussing the electronic domain, and the full spectrum of options that reside within it. Try and tell me there’s a difference between a port scan conducted over Internet-based protocols and the excitement of various components of some air defense system to find weaknesses. Both involve an electronic signal of some sort (a radar return in one case, an electronic packet in another case), transmitted over an electronic media. How different are the concepts of attempting to spoof a control node by inputting predictive returns into a search algorithm? It’s time for EW to take its rightful place next to Land, Sea, Air and Space Warfare as an equal and full-fledged warfighting domain. Stop fighting the “cyberspace” hype, and absorb it – it’s really ONLY a component of Electronic Warfare. I welcome any comments or reasoned debates on anything stated here. Lt Col (Sel.) Jason A. “Eck” Eckberg, USAF Kettering, OH 14 The Journal of Electronic Defense | November 2010

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JED - November 2010
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